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January 11, 2005, 09:58 AM
For Christmas, my wife gave me some armorer DVD videos from the American Gunsmithing Institute. I am really enjoying them, and I have now, for the first time, taken apart my Springfield model 1911A1 and my Walther PPK/S (stainless) and put them back together again. One problem. I had great difficult getting the trigger gard spring back into the Walther. In fact, my wife had to help me while I pressed the trigger gard in with my two hands. I now have bandaids on two fingers and a bruised hand heel. Does anyone have a better way to get the trigger gard spring into a Walther PPK/S? The reason for the bandaids are that while I was pressing in on the trigger gard, my wife was hammering the trigger gard pin into place with a brass hammer. Alas, I now have two smashed fingers from the brass hammer. I'll be taking the gun to the range soon to see if it works. Probably a 50-50 chance. Any help will be appreciated. Don't you just love us "shade tree" gunsmiths. Dave

January 11, 2005, 11:31 AM
Over the course of time you will accumulate dozens of vises, clamps, etc., to get around the problem of having to insert pins while you compress springs.

I once owned a PPK that had more sharp edges than Carter has pills. The thing cut me whenever I looked at it. Additionally, it was simply unpleasant to shoot, and it weighed a ton -- way too much for pocket carry. It is one of the few guns that I have ever sold and not regretted getting rid of it. I will admit that it is very well made, however.

Good luck on the trials and tribulations of hobby gunsmithing!


James K
January 13, 2005, 07:48 PM
I can't think of any reason whatsoever why anyone would want or need to take the trigger guard spring out of a Walther PP/PPK. Since you apparently did, you now know why no one does it for fun.