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January 6, 2005, 09:36 AM
Hi folks......name is Roy....Have been hunting for years with the side locks and flints....always sucessfully. Some of these guns go almost 6'........Now for my question.......my youngest son want to purchase me an inline for my upcomming birthday (51 years young). I have been looking at the NEF Sidekick and the Traditions Pursuit Pro. I am kind leaning towards the pursuit because of the longer barrel(28"). But i notice that there are 24,26 & 28" barrels.......for deer hunting, what is the difference. I have always thought the longer heavier barrels to be more accurate and have less kick. For example my Pen.Long rifle has absouloutly no kick with 90g of BP.
Any thoughts and advice? Short versus long....(keep it clean folks)!!!
Any thoughts on the Pursuit over the NEF Sidekick???
Thanks alot.......look forward to keeping up with these posts.
be well......

4V50 Gary
January 8, 2005, 12:42 PM
Maxiumum length for accuracy for a RB rifle is about 30-32". The short barrel German jagers didn't lose anything to the American Long Rifle. The latter's advantage was its longer sight radius - however, the tradeoff was that it was more cumbersome in the woods.

Now, turning to the shorter barrels, I've shot a 24" Enfield Musketoon at 350 yards and a 33" Enfield short rifle at the same distance. Accuracy is about par at that distance. I don't suppose that at shorter ranges it really makes a difference. For a modern gun, I'd go with a shorter barrel. Easier to handle in the woods.

Enough rambling.

January 30, 2005, 03:42 PM
Traditions is made in spain though a good gun it is not as good as the sidekick wich is american made the spanish gun is made of inferior materials the NEF was the first company to offer inlines back in the late 1960s early &)70s your son will pass it on to his grand kids the spanish gun will be lucky to be around next year the quality control at ardeasa the maker of traditions rifle is iffy I have been in the Muzzle loading and gun business over 30 years 3 out of 5 spanish guns shoot good almost every one has some kind of problem though I have to admit they have gotten better they are throw away guns with little or no resale value and they cost more than american made NEF Sidekick the NEF has old fashion quality wich is what you whant in a muzzle loader or spend more get aT/C the amercan made inlines are the best on the market barring none dont rule out knight or white inlines also amercan made