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Trooper Joe
January 5, 2005, 06:32 PM
Hello to all interested in "Cowboy Action" rifles.

I am new to this forum and have a real interest in lever guns used by the Cowboy Action shooters. I don't participate in this sport as of yet, but am really interested in these guns.

Over thirty years ago (in the mid 60's), I carried a converted Model 92, 32-20, saddle ring carbine (converted to a .38/.357) on patrol as a State Trooper (the rules were a lot more loose at that time).

I used to write letters to Winchester and Marlin and asked them if they would consider commercially making rifles like this for police use since most of the police at that time were using wheel guns chambered in .38/.357. Of course, I never even received a reply.

Sort of got out of the gun hobby for many years, and after I retired in 1989, I started looking at the available lever guns again. I was really surprised when I saw the Model 94 "Trappers" from Winchester in both .357 and .44 Mag. I purchased a nice .44 Mag Trapper with the intention of carrying it around while my wife and I traveled, versus trying to carry a hand gun from state to state.

Since then, I have picked up a pair of Browning B-92s (.357 and .44 engraved model), a Rossi stainless steel, model 92 in .45 LC, a real nice, recently made (Winchester/Japan partner), 32-20 model 92 rifle, a .357 Mag Marlin and .44 Mag Marlin 94-P. Also found a nice .32 special, Model 94 (pre-'64) in Northern Michigan last year.

For my first social security check, I bought myself a birthday present in the form of a nice, limited edition, Winchester 9422, .22 cal.

As you can see, I am really hooked on these lever guns.

My next search is for a 44-40 in either a real Winchester Model 92 (not a clone) or maybe a Ubertti 44-40, Model 73, non-saddle ring carbine.

My wife and I are leaving the Michigan snow in about two weeks and heading for Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. I hope to do a lot of gun shop shopping and hopefully still come home with some money.

This is a nice forum and I am looking forward to hearing from folks interested in these rifles as I am.

PS: I love lever guns (preferably Model 92s, but I find I am getting interested in the AWA copies of the Colt Lightening pump rifle in maybe a 44-40). Anybody have any thoughts on these guns. I just talked to the new owner of AWA this afternoon and plan on stopping by his shop in southern Florida in a couple of months.

See ya,

Trooper Joe

January 5, 2005, 09:58 PM
I use a Browning 92 in .357 and a Rossi 92 in .45 for CAS. I'm dealing on a Uberti 66 Yellow Boy in .45 in another state right now. Pricey damn things, but I just gotta have it. :D

January 6, 2005, 12:31 AM
Welcome to the boards :)
And congratulations on both retirement & the social security check (a fitting use for it I might add). I tend to be a little diverse in my aquisitions, have one of just about every configuration of long gun I can get my hands on. I tend to forget about the lever guns that are sitting in the corner of the safe for periods of time, but when I get them out and handle them again it's always like a new found love. I have a Win 94 Antique ("Antique" is the model, it sports a nice flame hardened reciever & brass saddle ring and loading gate) and a Rossi 92 in .357. The Win was the first rifle I ever owned, bought it when I was 18 (a loooong time ago, lol) & the Rossi followed soon after, as Big 5 had a sale going that I just could not pass up. Being the first two rifle purchases I made, I'm glad I did & never once regretted or even thought about parting with them. They handle sooooo well, nothing else compares. Good luck on your travels.

4V50 Gary
January 8, 2005, 01:43 PM
Yep. I'm another lever action fan. I'd like to get "that damn yankee rifle you load on Sunday and shoot all week."