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January 2, 2005, 11:53 PM
I have a Remington 550-1 that my Dad had and it is the rifle I killed my first squirel with. I have disasssemblied it in order to clean it and trying to put the bolt back in, I have put the sear assembly and the rention asssembly in, but when I put the bolt back in I should hear a good click, it doesn't. i don't know if I have the firing pin in the right position or if I am puting all of the spring back corretly or is the sear assembly and the rention assembly should go in before the bolt, can anyone tell me on what I am doing wrong or what order the sear, rention and bolt assembly should go in.

Thanks in Advance

January 3, 2005, 08:37 PM
You should be able to purchase a detailed takedown schematic (in PDF file format) for this fine little rifle from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. Check their Website at www.e-gunparts.com/schematics.asp. Numrich's toll-free telephone number is 866.686.7424.

Good luck, and good shooting!

January 6, 2005, 03:20 PM
thanks, I did go there and got the schematic I have order two new parts for the gun. I have had a lot of help, some people have sent assembly and disassembly instructions which helped tremendously.

The only problem I ran into in getting the gun back together was the sear assembly. You have to float it in order to get the sear spring and screw in. Then you have to pull the bolt back half way in order to float the assembly even more to align it up to replace the pin. I didn't find this out until 8 hours later trying to get the pin in.
Its back together and I have test fired it. I shoots just as I remmeber it when my dad took me hunting for the first time.

Thanks for your all your help