View Full Version : Older COLT gold cup rear sight problems

January 1, 2005, 01:37 PM
Any one have any good ideas on how to stop from loosing the pins that hold the rear sight on a gold cup.
I have heard that pining the ends of the pin will help but is there any thing better.
Its a very good shooting gun and has had a house full of ammo through it but this is getting to be an old problem.

Jim Watson
January 1, 2005, 02:30 PM
All I have of the sort any more is my Ace, which does not walk its sight pin but I recall the following treatments from when I shot a Gold Cup.

Roll pin and put up with the ugly.
Spring wire of pin diameter with a little curvature in it.
Dab of Loctite on the pin ends.
Piece of buffer or rubber under the sight leaf to keep it from bouncing in recoil.

Dave Sample
January 2, 2005, 02:07 PM
Jim Hit The Nail on the Head! I replace them with a Millet Target drop in if I can get the owner to spend the money. I do not like those sights, or Gold Cups, for that matter. Pre '80 series lost the front sight within 1-500 rounds and Colt never learned how to stake on the .055 Tenon. The new .125 '80 series front sights are there for good. I use a dab of Green 640 Loc-Tite on each end of a new roll pin (1/16") , center it, and call it good. I have seen more of those holes drill crooked than I can believe. Gold Cups ahould have been the best 1911's ever built by Colt. What a disappointment they are. A small piece of a shok-buff makes a good thing to put under the sight to keep it from self-destucting. Good Luck!

Harry Bonar
February 26, 2005, 11:11 AM
Dear Sir:
I had a Combat Elite with rib & the lousey sight.
There is a way that I use to cure it.
I mill out the rear part of the slide down till I take out that entire area, then fit a block of carbon or SS steel and silver solder it in place. We've NEVER had one come loose! I don't like the rib, so I hand file the rib off, with the added block. You can then either fit a Bo-Mar or Novak, or wilson adjustable there that will stay - even though I do only special projects for Novaks (see the Sig P-210 Joe Bonar and I built) I do like the Bo-Mar if you want an adjustable rear!
It is an invisible repair - especially if you matte and border the slide.
I hear nothing but problems with that factory sight, and it's too small to re-drill for a larger pin!
Harry B. :)

Dave Sample
February 26, 2005, 03:15 PM
Gee, Harry. What an easy fix!