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December 28, 2004, 08:28 PM
hello i have a few questions
i just got a new Para Ordnance 1911 SSP 45 Cal.
the problem from day 1 is that when i go to chamber a bullet out of the magazine, the bulllet wont chamber, its almost like it is coming out of the magazine at too steep of an angle and getting wedged up
the guy at the gun shop where i bought said it just needs broke in and that it was dirty but it did this right out of the box, then i cleaned it very very good and it still does it
anybody have any idea what to do, i tried different types of ammo and they all do it
should i try to get them to give me the other gun they have in the case like it or any other ideas.
i have only shot like 100 rounds through it

Lazy D
December 28, 2004, 09:06 PM
When I have a gun come in that has this type of problem, the first thing I look at is the magazine. Do you have more than 1 magazine? Have you tried different magazines? As a general rule in gunsmithing, if the round jams nosed up or hits the hood of the barrel, the magazine lips are too far apart. If a round jams nosed down, or in to the ramp, the mag lips are too close together. Now, this does not mean you start adjusting them. It is such a fine line that you can't just take your pliers and start bending. Your best bet is to see if they will trade you out mags. You may have to call the company and talk to them about it and request new mags. If that doesn't fix it start looking at the ramp angle. You might take a digital picture of what it looks like when it happens and then a close up of the open chamber with the slide locked open and post them here. Good luck

December 30, 2004, 07:45 AM
Try another magazine and see what happens.

Harry Bonar
February 5, 2005, 07:56 PM
Dear Sir:
This may be one of the contributing factors to your problem.
In a factory barrel, before a "reliability package" is done, will do just what you speak of.
As the round comes off the clip at an angle it contacts the feed ramp, and then the chamber of the barrel and won't "come-over" into the chamber. How tight is your extractor (does the case go under it very hard?) How smooth is the feed ramp? (take a dowel with 240 grit wraped aound it and while maintaining the angle take all of the factory marks out). After this contrate on the throat of the barrel. The secret of thoating a 45ACP. bbl,. is to (with a felt bob and Brownells 555) just slightly round off the transition from the initial throat to the chamber. Actually, when fitting a new bbl. or an old factory bbl. since the 45 is a "low pressure" cartridge we will with a "bone wheel" work of the chamber area, especially at the top to also help the round chamber. Polish that chamber with 240 and then polish both the barrel feed area with the felt bob and the feed ramp. It ought to exhibit NO machining marks but the angle must be maintained. Also take the bbl and with the slide off ramp it back and make sure you have about 1/32' between the top of ramp and bottom of bbl edge.
I know this sounds disjointed and there are a host of things that could be wrong; I do like the idea of trying a good Wilson Rogers magazine in it.
:) Hope this helps - you can do it; just be careful.

Jim Watson
February 5, 2005, 11:09 PM
Good advice for a 1911, Harry. Shame a PO is no longer a 1911 in several of the areas you mention.
They have a gimmick multi-part extractor. You might can work on the hook shape but it is tensioned by a coil spring. Will PO sell spares if he messes up? Not like it was the standard design available everywhere.
They have an integral ramp barrel. No 1/32" jump from frame to barrel. Polishing and rolling over the edge still might help, but my similar SA needed some recontouring. It doesn't have as much casehead support as it used to, but it feeds.
This gun needs professional help, not shooter tinkering, I fear. Maybe PO has an expert somewhere.

February 6, 2005, 05:20 AM
Well having bought a Para Ordance P10-45 myself and having had the same problems you are having i would say it is the feed ramp check to see if it is actaully smooth or shows machine marks in it. Mine had machine marks in it right out of the box. When i took it back to the dealer i bought it from he recommended taking it to a gunsmith to have it fixed as he had several other customers with the same problem. So if you do have the marks and dont feel comfortable fixing it yourself that is what i would do just take it to a reputable gunsmith.