View Full Version : Remington model 7 Youth Synthetic rifle

Northwest Cajun
December 23, 2004, 07:49 AM
Hi Guys,
I'm wanting a "Jeff Cooper" Scout rifle( Short action, less than 7 lbs, 1 meter long, scout scope with fixed ghost ring sights)
Well I'm thinking about a Remington Model 7 Synthetic youth in 7mm-08. Out of the box it is 6.5 lbs, 38" long and has fixed sights. Walmart has them for around $400.00 All it would take is a Ashley scout mount& ghost ring sights and I have a scout. Could it be that easy?
Mabe too; polish the bolt rails, trigger job and glass bedding w/ free floaded barrel after the scout mount gets put on.

I'm wondering about the factory stock.
Are they injection molded & hollow like the ramlines OR are they solid like the McMillian/bell and carlson?

It would most likely get a cammo job either hand done or a pro job.

Does anyone out there have one and can shed some light on the quality of the stocks?

Merry Christmas