View Full Version : Rebarrel BLR

December 15, 2004, 01:16 PM
Just as the title states. I have a BLR in 308, steel frame, that I would like to rebarrel to either 358 Win, 35-284 (I have a spare 284 mag laying around), or 35-300 WSM (just changing out the bolt head and mag). I called Browning about rebarreling to 358 Win and they said they would not do it. I know I could just buy a new one but $600 for a new one versus maybe (?) $300 for a rebarrel...........it makes better economic sense. Does anyone know of a gunsmith who has or can do this kind of job? I have searched til I am blue in the face and can't come up with an answer to this question. Thanks in advance and any reply would be greatly appreciated.