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December 15, 2004, 11:44 AM
This Flobert Rifle is 24 7/8" from breech block to muzzle. The octagonal barrel is 7/8 across the flats, and appears to be in .22 cal. Both front and rear sights are simple and dovetailed.
On the rear left hand side, under the breech block arm, is the following stamping, arranged to be read vertically.

A small star, over an M, over a small oval, containing these letters, arranged at 12,3,6,9. Starting at 12, going clockwise: E, G, small star, L.
All letters are caps.

Thanks, Hominy

Jim Watson
December 15, 2004, 12:08 PM
Those are standard Belgian proofmarks and are not going to date it very closely, but Lee Kennett said, in 1978 Gun Digest:

Star over M is an inspector's mark. The star replaced a crown in 1877.
ELG-Star in oval is the proof mark. A crown was added in 1893.
You don't mention a calibre marking. If there is NOT one, it was probably made before 1888 when the proof regulations were clarified and enforced more tightly.
So I think your Flobert was made sometime between 1877 and 1888.
If it looks like a 6mm it probably is a 6mm rimfire.

December 15, 2004, 09:16 PM
I checked again and find no markings as to the caliber. Thanks again, Hominy