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December 6, 2004, 11:09 AM
thanks for all the info, Harley.

here's another:

I inherited several shotguns. among them is a seemingly old 16ga SxS, external hammers, english stock, sling swivels, double trigger, nice ingraving in the nickel.

under the right hammer reads "Fur Mauritz Widforss Stockholm"
under the left hammer reads "Tillverkadt I Liege"

sides of both barrels reads " Prima Flussstahl-Essen"

there are various proof and import marks, such as " CAL ST ALB VT."

i have no clue what this is. run-of-the-mill?

December 6, 2004, 12:56 PM
If I may intrude here:

CAL ST ALB VT = same markings are on my EG Makarov Pistol. These are US importer markings.

Fur Mauritz Widforss Stockholm = Sweedish importer of the gun.

Tillverkat Liege = gun is Belgian manufacture, made in Liege Belgium.

Prima Flusstahl - Essen = probably refers to the steel the barrels are struck from. Flusstahl I believe means fluid steel, rather than Damascus.

Gun Was built in Liege Belgium and the Barrels are fluid steel, not Damascus and probably safe with modern ammo. Mautitz Widforss is apparently an importer of guns located in Stockholm ( Sweeden I presume)
Gun was imported into the US, probably from Sweeden.

Sling swivels are very common on European guns.

Gun is probably a one off import to the US, may have been used.

My opinion :) of course.