View Full Version : After market stock for CZ 452

November 30, 2004, 09:35 AM
Anybody know of a drop in thumbhole stock for the CZ American rimfires?

BTW, interesting to me that in the six I've had, the wood in the very excellent stocks varies from exotic curly stumpwood I'd expect from a top end rifle, to very plain grain and color. Always well made, but I'm amazed in the variation in wood pieces being so dramatic. Some are free floated, and some have light bottom point pressure at the forend tip. All shoot well above average shooters so far. 22s shoot 1.25 @ 100, and 17HMRs stay within 0.75. I have yet to take the 17HM2 to the range. Anyone have other or different info on these?

November 30, 2004, 10:57 AM
None that I know of.I have 2 of these,excellent shooters.

December 1, 2004, 03:42 PM
Don't have a clue about 452 stocks. However, my son's recent birthday version is well finished, but rather plain in wood grain. I'd expect that and I'd be delighted by an exotic grain- a hidden big bonus to a boy and his already very slick first gun. The 452 is only limited in accuracy (with me at the helm, anyway) by the degree of jitters brought on by coffee consumption. In any case, it's far more accurate than I am, regardless of my addiction to copious amounts of joe.

My boy is another matter. He don't drink joe and his electrical system is still under warranty. On his first outing as a gun owner, we started at twentyfive yards. Even I can pick a dime off a fence post at that distance so, after two five shot magazines at a Wal Mart target, I challenged my boy to fifty yards. "Bring it on!" said the brand new 11 year old who's now really a man because he's got ten .22lr's under the belt that holds up his great big britches.

In an otherwise pristine, rural and sunny target shoot setting, a local brain dead idiot had dumped his recent Halloween garbage. Among the assorted house trailer refuse, the lobotomized one left us a brand new plastic pumpkin with the required stupored smiley face. I placed it on a fence post and asked my boy to show me what he could do at twenty Dad paces (about fifty yards).

"Dad?" "Yes, son?" "Since we're in the woods and nobody's here, can I say a cuss word?"

I said I guessed he could as long as what he said didn't begin with a 'd' a 's' or and 'f' and as long he kept it a secret; between me and him on his first day out with his new gun. "Okay?!" He said okay. I forgot about 'b' and things that sound like rich.

He stealthily raised the scope to his eye and homed in on the silly plastic smile stuck on top of a rotten four by four. All was quiet and milliseconds before he squeezed off a round, he muttered ".....Mone keel att sumb*****!" whereupon he placed a .22 slug square on the schnoz of the poor pumpkin.

Moral? I hate somebody else's garbage that I have to carry back out. I love humor and my boy's got it. I love the woods. I love my son even more and I really like the ZKM 452! Aint nuthin' communist about it. It's an American!

Says so on the box, anyway. Must be!

December 25, 2004, 12:56 PM
I have a 452 that I want to dress up as well. THIS looks like a great way.