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November 23, 2004, 10:07 PM
Hi all.

I have at or about $500 to spend on a levergun this coming weekend at the gunshow. I'm under the impression I can get ahold of a new Rossi '92, Winchester '94, or Marlin 1894 for this price. I'm after a .45LC, to match my Vaquero.

So which would you get if it were you, and why? Would you get a levergun I didn't list?

Thanks in advance,

Sir William
November 24, 2004, 12:27 AM
Save your $500.00. I honestly think you will be ahead if you add another $500.00 to your budget and buy a Uberti.

November 24, 2004, 12:40 AM
From what (limited) knowledge I have, I think that the Winchester has the "loosest" action, Marlin is a little "tighter", & Rossi is the tightest yet (whether that matters to you). Using BP in it, I'd lean a little toward ease of complete disassembly (and reassembly, LOL). Other than that, it'd be a matter of which one fits you best & just plain feels like part of you; that goes a long ways to how well you shoot it & your overall satisfaction.

November 24, 2004, 06:36 AM
Not much mystery about my vote eh?

Anywho - I voted Winchester - simply because it's a Winchester.

I think a person's first lever gun should be a Winchester. <-- note I said first. Once you get bitten by the lever-bug, many many many more will follow.

Last count I had 4 Win - 1 Browning 1 Marlin in the safe,,,and I don't care for shooting a rifle much at all! Thank God for that, otherwise I can't imagine how many would be scattered around the house.

November 25, 2004, 12:07 AM
Welcome to TFL!

I voted Marlin. They work well, are easy to work on, reliable, and if you shoot SASS, it does have the advantage of being able to throw a round in the open action for a reload. I used one for a long time before I got my 73. If you can find a 73 for $500, I'll change my vote, and take two myself.

4V50 Gary
November 25, 2004, 11:25 AM
I voted Marlin and I suppose having four of them shows my bias (45-70, 44 Mag, 38/357 and 22 LR).