View Full Version : Winchester Model 670 - all pointers/advise please

September 2, 2000, 10:58 PM
Seem to have one or two that I get to "play" with to keep 'em going, etc. - they're in pretty rough shape.

The M670 seems by all accounts to be a scaled down version of the M70 (a bare-bones model by all appearances) - kinda like the Rem's ADL vs the BDL, but somewhat less so. These are pretty old rifles ....

One's a .243 Win & another a 30-06 & the 30-06 barreled action drops right into the stock of teh .243 - thought they wouldn't fit due to the action differences - something new every day.

Midway's fot a Ramline sythetic stock - long action listed. Am I assuming correctly that this stock will be interchangeable between these two bbl'd actions. Seems to be all accounts so far.

Anyway, anything y'all can throw my way re advise, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

September 3, 2000, 08:40 AM
Yep this is the economy version of the model 70. There is nothing wrong with the rifles other than they just aren't real pretty. The reason they both use the same stock is at the time the model 670 was built Winchester only made one action length. This was the long action. It was kind of funny owning a .222 with a long action.

September 3, 2000, 10:06 AM
I have one also that I plan on rebuilding. Since you seem t have started, any tips you have would be welcome. The exterior of mine is really rough from years of neglect :(, but the bore is A1, and it shoots great. I'm planning on restocking it and having it refinished.

September 3, 2000, 10:26 AM
Thanks, M16 re info on action length. Thought I was slightly crazy.

Noticed too that the bolts are not engraved with S/N. Thought that was standard practise to make certain of proper headspace ...

Revamp looks to be pretty straight forward; clean it all up, glassbed, free-float & trigget job. Then, we'll see how they shoot.

Tinkering with the idea of turning one into a bull-pup ....

RAE, I'll keep you posted. Don't expect anything untoward outa this even as rough as they are. They'll not be revamped as showpieces visually - moreso as "extras" that shoot/function very well.

September 3, 2000, 10:46 AM
Oops! Bolts do have S/Ns ... just have to be cleaned up enough to see 'em.

Too, are M70 parts interchangeable except for obvious differences such as no floorplate on the 670?

September 20, 2000, 02:59 PM
I too have a model 670 in .243. I've just sighted in the Burris 3x9 and now would like to lighten up the trigger if it is a reasonable do-it-yourself job (as I am told that it may share with the Model 70's). But before I try that, I thought it best to check with experienced folks here.

Maybe it's my technique, but the trigger was just too hard to pull and hold the rifle steady while on a sandbag. Then too, maybe I'm just asking too much for sub 2 inch groups at 100 yards from such a rest. But I'd like to do better and a lighter trigger may help me come up to the potential of the rifle.

September 20, 2000, 11:40 PM
From doing just a bit of dinking around with these two, it appears that trigger adjust may be done by backing off the nut that preloads the sear spring. Seems to lighten the trigger pull quite a bit. I'd like to hear from anybody more familiar with Winchesters than I am - these critters are way new to me.

Obviously, a complete function/safety check's in order after anything like this is done.

Too, Dagny, there's shooting off of sand bags & shooting off of sand bags.

I've been working up, handloading & doing the "accuracy bit" (not benchrest guru quality but pretty damned acurrate stuff nonetheless) since somewhere around the mid-60s & have run across about 5% who actually know how to shoot from the bench & this at established ranges, etc. - worse at the "public places."

Perhaps a topic about actually shooting accurately off the bench is in order. I know I could learn quite a bit from such a thread.

I won't be able to get into this till after the weekend .... there's many tips on how to "do it right" & most really don't have any idea ... nope, not being snotty it's just that to wring out the very best accuracy out of your rifle, you should do some things the right way or you're wasting your time.

Quick amusing anecdote - a guy at work came back after the weekend & disgusted at his new Rem 7mm Mag w/trick scope, etc. Doing the "over the counter diagnostics" (tight scope rings/screws, etc., action screws, trigger aqueeze, "sand bags,") ... all appeared to be at least OK.

Turns out this guy would shoot a round of Fed 140s & adjust his scope to that point of impact, then shoot a Rem 170 & so on. He was chasing each bullet from different manufactures & diff weights till he was out of ammo = several boxes.

Almost bought this "piece of crap" from him at dirt prices. Took pity instead & walked him through a few of the basics. "Now," he has a good rifle (always did).

Precision shooting "off the bags" can be one of the most frustrating events ... was shooting a known sub-1/4" load in my .22-250 this past weekend & would get anything from an outstanding .155" 3-shot group to those that edged over a quarter (the coin) ... it wasn't the rifle or the load. Hmmm ... I think I was a lousy shot that day - just couldn't dial into "the bags."