View Full Version : Resto on a Sharps Shotgun

November 17, 2004, 02:19 PM
(Wasn't sure where to post this...)

I grabbed an OLD Stevens shotgun from my grandma's garage, this thing was just a hunk of rust. I started restoring it for fun last year and it's almost done. Problem is, instead of giving it an antique look, I just used modern gun techniques.

For the stock I smoothed it out and gave it repeated coats of tung oil, then polished it. It looks GREAT, but I've since realized it's not how I should've done an antique firearm, more how you'd refurbish a modern piece. The barrel and metal parts I cold-blued cause that's all I can really afford. Again, it looks good, but not like an antique should. I think I'm gonna re-do the whole thing in a way that better fits what it is and what it's gonna be; a wall hanger.

My question is this: How should I do the stock, ie., some kind of antique-looking stain and maybe stress the wood, take it back to not so smooth? And what kind of finish on the metal would be more appropriate for an antique gun?

Don't remember the year of production right off hand, but I believe it's around a 100 years old. Just a break-open single shot 12 gauge.