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November 12, 2004, 01:30 PM
Alright, I have one last question on IDPA and then I swear you won't hear from me again until I comment on how well I did my first match. What's the standard gear being used for IDPA. Now, I don't mean what exact make, model and brand of holster because I know that's all user preference. What I mean is what types of holster are most people shooting with, what other types of gear is commonly seen at the matches. I plan on shooting SSP matches so please gear your responce towards that arena. Again I thank you all for your abundant wisdom on the subject.

November 12, 2004, 03:23 PM
you can use any type of holster as long as it is concealable. I have a glock 17 in a kydex blade tech holster. Other guys use leather though. You will also need 2 mag holders or one mag holder that holds 2. I have a paddle holster and have never had any trouble drawing my gun (i have never pulled the paddle out), but some guys hate it. I use a wilderness 5 stitch belt, and i have toruble taking the paddle off after the match if i dont take my belt off so i have confidence it isn't coming out. i have 2 individual blade tech mag holders. I think it's easier when you have two because they form better to your side instead of having one. That's really all you need. And a vest or some type of garment that will hang low enough on you to cover the whole gun from sight. Pick something that has some weight to it, not a thin shirt because when you try to whip the vest/shirt whatever back, if it isn't thick or heavy, sometimes it will get stuck in front of the gun and you wont be able to draw your gun until picking up the shirt and moving it out of the way. During these chilly days, i use a flannel lined button down shirt. You can probably get a junker vest from wal mart. If it's thin and light, you can put some small weights or a roll of quarters in the pocket in the mean time. then you can have your wife sew some heavier material on the inside of the vest to make a bit stiffer.
**Tip for first match= make sure when you put a mag in your gun, you slam it in hard. My first match, first stage, i was peeing in my pants i was so nervous, i put the mag in, the Saftey officer asked if i put my mag in hard enough and i said "yeah it's in dont worry". The buzzer goes off, i draw my weapon, go to rack the slide and my mag falls out. Boy did i feel like an idiot.

November 12, 2004, 05:42 PM
Sounds like some really good gouge. Thanks very much

Dave Bell
November 15, 2004, 10:22 AM
they have a list of approved holsters. Go to their web site and check out the "rules" section. When you join they send you a rule book. You can download one in PDF format from the website. The general guideline on holsters is are they practical for all day carry. No "race" holsters even though you might theoretically be able to conceal them. I get either a fobus paddle holster or I have a leather belt slide type holster. You really need three mags and a two mag pouch. The third is for your "Barney" rounds. When you "load and make ready" you can insert a mag, rack your slide, then load another round so you have a full mag. The easiest/quickest way to do this is to insert your Barney mag, load one in the chamber, and then change mags. Obviously, the Barney mag is good for several one round loads. Alternatively, you can load a mag, rack to load a round, take out the mag and load your one bullet back in the mag.

November 15, 2004, 11:58 AM
"The buzzer goes off, i draw my weapon, go to rack the slide and my mag falls out. Boy did i feel like an idiot."

Did you feel like an idiot because the mag fell out, or because your weapon was unloaded (no round in the chamber)?

(expert in CDP; expert in SSP)

ps. (justification for the above coarse-sounding comment): My local IDPA club occasionally has stages where the CoF requires you to rack an empty gun, but for the life of me I don't understand why. Just like in real life, you want your gun to be loaded!! Otherwise, if the BG is attacking you and you can't get two hands on the weapon, well, I hope you're good at pistol whippin'.

November 15, 2004, 12:03 PM
For the original poster...
A couple of mag pouches and a decent plastic paddle hoster are what I recommend for starters. In fact, your pants pockets work fine for mag pouches until you figure out what you want or have the money, so you don't have to buy everything at once.

I'm currently using a BladeTech paddle for my Beretta 92x series SSP guns. It works well. I'm using a Fobus paddle for my P220 in CDP. I like the BladeTech much better than the Fobus.

For mag pouches I highly recommend Wilson Tactical. I was using BladeTech pouches until asking Ernest Langdon at one of his classes why I always have to draw the mags so carefully and could never seem to reinsert on the tac loads.... He looked at my gear and said to toss 'em and get some Wilsons. I did and couldn't be happier. Super fast mag draws and my tac loads couldn't be better.


edited to add: I like to have 2 single mag pouches vs one double. Easier to position where you want and have room between the mags for better grabs. Also, if you CCW and you want to carry a spare mag, you can just use one of your single pouches.

For the "concealment" aspect, depending on weather, sometimes I just pull my shirt or sweatshirt over the gun, or take an old Levi jacket or old leather jacket. Of course in the winter I'm usually wearing a heavy coat anyway. There are tricks you can do to make draws faster (coat hanger sewn in the seam along the zipper, quarters in the pocket, etc), but with proper practice on drawing from cover the tricks won't help much (I don't use them.. maybe when I make master ;) ).

edited again to add: I recommend plastic (aka "Kydex", etc) paddles for new practical shooters, as you don't have to worry about the holster collapsing which can make re-holsters tricky. They are cheap (~$45 for a bladetech paddle), easy to draw from, and easy to holster into. On a side note, take your time holstering if you're new to it. Safety first, and no one ever won a gunfight by being the fastest to re-holster.


November 15, 2004, 02:27 PM
Also, where in VA are you shooting the IDPA? I'm always looking for new clubs w/in a 3 hr drive or so.


November 16, 2004, 12:21 PM
I'm in Woodbridge, about an hour from DC. Shooter's Paradise is the closest range but I'm considering going to Quantico Marine Base (20 south of me) since I can get a membership there for about $35/year vice the couple hundred of a civilian range. Shooter's has allot more going on though, in regards to competitions, practice shoots, etc. Hell, I may just get an NRA membership and shoot at their HQ range, it's less than a 30 minute drive also.

November 16, 2004, 12:28 PM
I've heard good things about shooters paradise, but never been there. I'm going to have to make an effort to stop in for a match.

Also, it doesn't sound like you're too far from where I shoot IDPA. www.sanners-lake.com. It's in Lexington Park, MD, by the Pax Naval Air Base.

Also, the NRA range is a great facility. I've never shot IDPa there as it's usually during the week. But I'm looking for a warm place in the winter to sight in the AR or just do some holster practice, I'll drive down there.


November 16, 2004, 12:38 PM
Looks like you gys have a real nice set-up going on out at Sanner's. I mapped it out and it's about 85 miles from me, a little farther than I like to go. I guess I'll stick to Shooter's or NRA HQ. If you decide to come down this way some time look me up beforehand and we'll go put a few down range.

Arc Angel
November 18, 2004, 10:04 AM
Did you feel like an idiot because the mag fell out, or because your weapon was unloaded (no round in the chamber)?

:rolleyes: I was standing behind Dan when he did this. As he seated the mag I actually saw the base back itself out. I couldn't say anything without interrupting the RO, so I just stood back and said; 'Here goes!' to myself. (It did!)

There were about 60 of us shooting that morning, most of us were older experienced shooters. This young fellow went on to finish the match by out-shooting 90% of the other competitors across all categories. (Something I, personally, found to be especially annoying.) From now on, though, he isn't going to have to worry about dropping a magazine as much as he's going to have to watch out for someone sticking bubble-gum in his barrel! :D

It must be a curse, too. Three weeks later I'm on the line, the command is given to load and make ready. I insert the mag, tap the base, rack the slide and holster. On the command I draw, grab a sight picture and hear, 'Clunk'. I stop, look down, and there's my magazine lying at my feet? First time in more than 45 years of shooting. I swear this would never have happened with a GM!

Does IDPA have more to offer than game value? Yes, I think so! From now on whenever I seat a Glock magazine, I'll double-tap the base with the heel of my support hand. Sure wouldn't want to go through something like that in real life!

Reasons to rack the slide on an, 'empty' gun: Basically to make sure that it's empty, and further guarantee the chamber is clear before dropping the hammer to re:holster. In order to check for sloppy shooter combat technique. Was the slide pinched between thumb and index finger, or racked with the fully cupped support hand across the top of the slide? Did the shooter allow the slide to slingshot forward; or did he push the slide forward with his hand? A really sneaky RO will, also, watch where you point that muzzle when you worked the action, too. ;)