View Full Version : Any write ups on how to bed a rifle.

November 9, 2004, 02:34 AM
I am realy getting into shooting more and more now a days sence i have nothing else to do out in the country. I just got a Mini 14 and i love it. I have not put a scope on it yet but i can put a group in a 6in at 50yards open sight. I want to swap the barrel to a better on that will shoot straighter and then i want to bed it. This would be my first time to bed a rifle and i dont want to F anying thing up. Is there any good write up on how to bed a rifle it would help if it was done a on a mini 14.

Justin AKA Goober.

November 9, 2004, 08:23 PM
Yes on write ups I have to many favs on this thing
There are many links and articles there. Also do a google search,someone posted a link to some on line military manuals that had all that covered.
Check the library and at the High Road as well ,may be the gunsmithing sections on these forums.