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October 19, 2004, 09:21 PM
Hi everyone. This site isn’t new to me. I actually browsed these forums for a month or two just before the site temporarily went down. I'm glad to see it's back up.
I first came across an issue of SWAT magazine that was lying down in a gun store. It was the March 2002 issue. My attraction to it was the cover article of the AR15 vs the Mini-14. As I have both rifles, I was interested in hearing what the author had to say.
Reading the rest of the magazine, I discovered that it wasn’t a law enforcement only magazine. Though the articles are most useful to law enforcement and military, they also are useful to any law-abiding citizen that wants to know ways of protecting himself and family. Most firearm magazines are either crazed militia magazines, magazines with nothing but advertisements or magazines with nothing but political reviews and magazines that have every review on firearms except those found in SWAT because they may seem too tactical and evil for their magazine. SWAT seems to be in the middle of these magazines. It has the survival tips without looking like a Bubba militia- the government sucks-conspiracy- magazine and it isn’t a PG rated hunting magazine. SWAT deals with real life situations. The firearm reviews in SWAT are also excellent. The authors who give the reviews really give the reader a good all around test of the firearm and don’t try to sell the firearm, but give the reader the information needed if that firearm is what they may want or not. This is unlike other gun mags where the reviews try to make the firearm look better than it really is. If you find a review on something like a shotgun in SWAT it will tell you how well it functions or how well is doesn’t function and not how pretty the engraving or wood on it looks.
The reviews on firearms cater both to civilian and law enforcement/military use. I found the reviews from LEOs in SWAT magazine very educational as they tell me what they do on their jobs and how I, as a law-abiding citizen, can work with them and also use their tips to protect myself and home.
I have been buying issues of SWAT now and then as they aren’t found on every magazine shelf and I have to take a little drive just find one.
Maybe I should just subscribe and save money and have it delivered to me? Duh? Ya think?
Well, I’ll be doing exactly just that.

I probably won’t be posting much here, but will me more browsing around, reading and learning.
I thought I write this post for others new to the board and SWAT magazine who want to know what it was all about and get an “average Joe’s” opinion on it.

October 20, 2004, 01:43 AM
Hey there.

Welcome. :)

Rich Lucibella
October 20, 2004, 07:38 AM
Welcome, RP. That's very high praise and we all appreciate it. Thanks.

If I had to produce an intended "Market Positioning" statement for S.W.A.T., I could hardly do better than your description. Thanks again.
Rich Lucibella

October 20, 2004, 03:38 PM
Welcome to TFL. :)

October 29, 2004, 09:47 PM
I am new here as well. Jusy got my Oct/Nov issue of SWAT off the news stand. Also got SOF dec issue. Between the 2 of them I cannot go wrong. There are things I donot like in either one ,but That is just as well .Most all of it is productive and educational and some one else usually benifits from it when I loan them out. They also have some good advertisers in SWAT :cool: