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October 18, 2004, 09:03 AM
I was at my local gunshop and see he has a Milled Bulgarian Arsenal SLR-95 AK-47 with the black thumbhole stock. Price tag had $795 crossed out with $500 written in. I know it's true because I have had my eye on it for several months.
Is this a good or bad price. I bought this exact model rifle years ago for $400.00 at a gun show. It functioned flawlessly but wasn't very accurate. I don't need it, but was thinking of getting it just to have it. You guys know how that goes :)

October 18, 2004, 03:29 PM
My guess is that the gun you are speaking of is an SLR-101S produced by Arsenal Inc of Las Vegas Nevada.

My understanding is that these particular guns are largely produced by Arsenal of Bulgaria in a sporter configuration with single stack magazine capacity. At this point, they are shipped to the US and modified or in some cases sold as is.

The gun you are looking at may or may not have had its magazine well enlarged to take double stack AK magazines.

I doubt I would pay $500 for this firearm let alone the original $795. Odds are you're going to want to get a pistol grip stock and that will cost you. What's more, you're going to want the capacity to use drums and modified single stacks can't do that (as far as I know). If I was willing to pay the close to $800 I might as well get an actual SA-M7.

It depends on what you want. In this particular configuration you are accepting a high price and too many tradeoffs (in terms of traditional AK features) just to get a milled reciever.

Your best bet would be to wait for Arsenal Inc's new stamped reciever offerings and get a no-ban gun that will still enjoy the reliability that company is known for.

If you say that the AK you previously owned was inaccurate by your standards (which are all that matter to you as a purchaser) then one of the main reasons for getting a milled reciever just went out the window.

I can see both sides of the issue. I'm a scarcely an expert but I'm a proud SA M7 owner at the cost of around $800. I am only planning to own one AK and so I wanted one that would be quite reliable and would be around for years to come. I actually prefer old military Mausers when it comes to rifles. You can see how what I value in a Mauser has colored my judgment when it comes to semi-auto military-like rifles. I appreciate good craftsmanship and since that's rare nowadays, if I want it in a new gun I'll have to pay for it. The upside is, finding affordable non-corrosive ammo for the AK won't be that hard. Since I'm a plinker and not a marksman by any measure what I can afford will suit my needs.

But your needs are not my needs.

As long as you can really afford it and as long as it will really make you happy, that is all that matters when it comes to buying guns for pleasure.

Now when you are shooting for competition, hunting, or god forbid self-defense you need to carefully consider expert opinion because now, a lot more than mere happiness may be on the line.

But I'm hardly an expert, so do what you want. Have fun and be safe.

October 18, 2004, 04:39 PM
It depends on what you want. In this particular configuration you are accepting a high price and too many tradeoffs (in terms of traditional AK features) just to get a milled reciever.

He could also be looking at an older Bulgarian Arsenal SLR-95. If that's the case, he's found a milled receiver semiauto AK clone, capable of accepting double-stack magazines, and also capable of excellent accuracy for the AK family of guns. Mine does repeatable 2", 5-shot, 100-yard groups. The SLR-95 and SLR-96 were considered the cream of the crop when it came to AK clones, particularly with respect to fit, finish, and function.


Jamie Young
October 18, 2004, 09:46 PM
What about a Bulgarian SA93?

I just picked one up a few months ago but I can't say what I paid for it because you'll all cry. Mine has the god awful thumbhole stock but I plan on upgrading it.

October 18, 2004, 10:27 PM
That's it, the SLR-95. Looks just like the picture except it has the thumbhole stock which actually fits very nice. It does accept AK mags and comes with 4. It also has that same flash suppressor or whatever it is. When I was talking about accuracy, it was with wolf ammo giving me baseball size groups at 100 yards with probably less than 100 total rounds thru the rifle.

October 19, 2004, 09:59 AM
Or tell me where it is, so I can buy it. They aren't imported anymore, and have maintained one of the highest prices of the post-'89 and post-'94 AK variants. I like mine so much, I'd love to have another one, the milled receiver and hammer-forged barrel make it one of the most accurate of the Kalashnikovs. :D

October 19, 2004, 12:16 PM
Looks like I'll be adding it to my collection :)

October 19, 2004, 04:44 PM
I think I sold one NIB for $550.00, used one for $475.00. I was not that impressed with the SLR-95.
I mean it was OK , but didn't do any better then my Mak 90, and the VEPR had better grouping. "The SLR-95 and SLR-96 were considered the cream of the crop" I didn't consider it the cream of the crop, they were ok but nothing great. Just a limited import that picked up a following.

October 19, 2004, 06:35 PM
Just wish I had kept more than one. MAK-90's sold for considerably less, and not just because they were stamped receiver AK variants. It's why I'm willing to buy the SLR-95 that nssa4914 found, sight unseen, if he passes it up. For the record, I've talked the talk, and walked the walk, considering remarks I made about the SLR-95:


October 24, 2004, 04:48 PM
I traded a double stack Makarov pistol for a NIB SA93. Paid $90 for the Mak a week earlier.
I dont like the furniture on the rifle, but it darn well shoots. Best AK I have ever owned.

Jamie Young
October 24, 2004, 05:04 PM
How much did you pay for the SA93?