View Full Version : Anyone have a Browning BAR in .338 Winmag?

October 17, 2004, 09:45 AM
Saw one of these at a gunshow yesterday (new), and it was a beauty. Nice hooded front sight, beautiful wood and bluing. The asking price was I think $935. I'm thinking this is about a perfect Canada/Alaska rifle, with the recoil of the cartridge being tamed somewhat by the semi action, nice irons, and quick follow up shots available if dangerous game is coming after you. I want one at some point. Please tell me about your BAR if you have one - thanks.

October 17, 2004, 11:49 AM
This is my 'nicest' rifle.
It has great wood, which I removed to preserve it.
The Bell&Carlson 2-pc. stock gives the rifle a wickedly sleek profile, contrasting nicely with the high polished metalwork.
It has Browning's excellent polished blue finish.
The BOSS is a useful feature.
The 'engraving' makes a nice statement about the quality of the gun.
I used Millett 'engraved' rings in the Angle-Loc format for the BAR.
Topped with the Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x40 gloss scope, it makes for an attractive, but powerful rifle that can be used for varmints and big game alike when the BOSS is tuned for the load needed at the time.

I was going to get the .338 version at one time, but I always wanted a ".375", ending up with a Remington 700 / .375 UltraMag.
I had a 700 BDL-DM in .338 but it didn't kick hard enough... ;)

The BAR in .338 would make an excellent rifle, BOSS or not.
The Browning Euro site [edited: at one time showed] a BAR with sights AND BOSS!
The A-Bolt .375 H&H was available here in the US with both, but not the BAR.
Point being that the sightsets can be ordered through Brownells and installed on the BAR/BOSS to have both.

Consider the fact that we can now add a pistolgrip buttstock to the back of the BAR action...you'd have to do some homework to get the correct measurements, BUT, a Choate PG buttstock could be added to give a fantastic hold on a potent and accurate 'hunting' rifle. :)
I'd like to try it with my BAR.
I did this to my Remington 7400 Carbine / .30-06 using the 870 shotgun buttstock:

If I got a .338 BAR it'd be the Stalker model w/BOSS+sights+PistolGrip buttstock.
THAT would be an awesome rifle!

October 17, 2004, 02:26 PM
Busgunner, those are some nice pictures and some even nicer rifles. I did not know you could do that with the Remington. Do you think that you could do the same thing with the 7600? And if any modification needed for either the rifle or the stock?

FirstFreedom-my great uncle has a BAR in .338 Win Mag, also with a BOSS. I can't say much for its accuracy cause I don't know--I've only shot it a couple times. I can say it has been reliable and that I was very much surprised at how light the recoil was between the weight of the rifle, its gas operation, and the BOSS. I can honestly say that I would rather shoot that .338 than my sister's .270 Win.

October 17, 2004, 09:24 PM
Thanks for the compliment.
The Choate stock should fit the same way into the backend of a 7600. It's made for the 870 shotgun, which is ever so slightly bigger at the rear of the receiver. All I did was file it a little bit to get a tight press fit. Worked great for me.

October 19, 2004, 04:43 PM
Thanks, Busgunner, nice rifle and good info. Looks like you can use that one for a lifetime, then put the original wood back on it and put over the mantle when you retire from hunting eh? Hmm, to BOSS or not to BOSS - don't like the idea of a blast enhancer. It's useful for reducing recoil and tuning your barrel to your loads, correct? Anything else?

And then you said:

I was going to get the .338 version at one time, but I always wanted a ".375", ending up with a Remington 700 / .375 UltraMag.
I had a 700 BDL-DM in .338 but it didn't kick hard enough...

So that doesn't tell me (I don't think) what chambering your BAR is in? :) .338 or something else? Your 7400 in 30-06 looks cool with the 870 pistol grip stock on it - funny stuff.