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October 12, 2004, 11:40 AM
I have an old Colt revolver that I need help identifying. It has an etching of a Naval Battle on the cylinder and an inscription "Engaged 16 May 1843". It has a brass trigger guard. On the bottom of the barrel there is an RWM and an anchor.

The ser no is 6780 on all parts but the cylinder. It says .36cal on the trigger guard., and two patent dates on the left side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

October 14, 2004, 08:23 PM
I just inherited one of these from my dad. I believe it's an 1861 Colt navy, if it has the walking (gear type) lever under the barrel and a streamlined shape. Should be worth some money, but of course mine is worth more because it was Dad's. Got passed down in the family, I hear, from a great uncle who traded with some of the indigenous folks in these parts.

It may be possible to get a letter or other info on the former life of your revo by contacting folks who used to work for Colt and have some of the shipping and production records. Good luck.

Jim Watson
October 14, 2004, 10:44 PM
Octagon (1851 Navy) or round (1861 Navy) barrel?
What are the markings on the top of the barrel?

There are a lot of variations of Colt Navy revolvers, especially the '51s. There are also a lot of reproductions, some very good copies.

October 16, 2004, 11:37 AM
The markings on the top of the barrel are something like
Saml Colt United States of America I'm not exactly sure, it's pretty faded.

Also on the bottom of the barrel is R.W.M. with an anchor.

The barrel is round.