View Full Version : Advice wanted for building a Remington 700 BR

October 7, 2004, 02:09 PM
I am in the process of selling my 300 WIN MAG. It is built on the Remington 40X with a Shillen Barrel and trigger, weighs about 16 pounds, and was made by Shillen probably in the '70s. I think it was intended for 1000 yard competition. I loaded for it, tried to shoot it, but never had the space for a 1000 yard rifle, so I'm using it to finance my next project. I mention all this because the person I bought it from had an entire shop in his basement, put together all sorts of rifles for himself.

I want to build a .308 on a remington 700 action, but I want to build it. I have been lusting after all the parts and tools from Brownells, intend to buy the barrel vice, action wrench, tools for finish-reaming the chamber, lapping the lugs, polishing the receiver way. The only thing Brownells doesn't sell is the wisdom and experience to do it. I've always been handy with tools, didn't know anything about engines until I tore one apart and rebuilt it, so I'm not afraid of trying to put together a competition rifle.

Has anyone read, or does anyone know of any good books on rebarreling a 700 action, accurizing, blueprinting, etc? Does anyone have any horror stories I can learn from without making my own costly mistakes? Is there any part of this that I simply shouldn't attempt myself and leave to a professional? I have seen such a multitude of knowledge here, any advice is welcome.