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October 6, 2004, 06:02 PM
I was wondering what you all thought was a good way to go for optics for a Bushmater 16" ar15? I would mostly being using from 300 yard and in. :)

October 7, 2004, 12:00 AM
Depends on your definition of 'optics.' Magnified? Red dot? what type of receiver, flattop or carry handle?

for that distance, i have an EOTech 552. An Aimpoint CompM2 will work for that range too.

For magnified, it looks like the ACOG would fit the bill nicely...if you can fit the bill. Close to $1k!

October 7, 2004, 10:14 AM
It's an A2 config. I am looking for something like a red dot. I have never used one before but I am interested to try one out.

Johnny Guest
October 7, 2004, 10:24 AM
It may seem heresy to write this here, where the emphasis seems to be on MildotMoonscopeYardlongSuperhighmagnificationPicatinnymount telescoptical sights, or else ReddotgreenyellowbluedotBlindingfloodlightLaserdesignatorInfraredUltraviolentLightamplification devices - - -

But I’ve had surprisingly good service from a little Chinese made knockoff of the Colt scope. I picked it up at Cheaper Than Dirt about three years back, for $39.95 + tax - - the price may be up to $50 now. I got the 4X, because it seemed a bit clearer than the 3X. Its own integral mount fastens firmly and repeatably on the carry handle and it had a drop compensator out to, I think, 400. (Yards, meters, furlongs? Who knows?) Short, quick to use, rugged enough to ride in a case in the car trunk.

I keep my Colt AR15A3 handy, NOT as a super varmint rifle nor as a designated sniper, but to secure a perimeter until TAC arrives, to back up the uniformed guys, and for H&I of four legged varmints at short-to-medium range. The only other accessory on the little carbine is a snap-on plastic cheek rest. No bipod, lights, siren, bells, or whistles. This little combo suits my needs very well.

Clearly, your needs, wants, mission requirements, and mileage may vary . . . .


October 7, 2004, 10:28 AM
I've owned a Trijicon ReflexII, Aimpoint Comp ML, Aimpoint CompM2 2x, Aimpoint Comp ML2, EOTech 512 RevD, and EOTech 552 RevD. I now only own the 552. I would go back to the M2 or ML2, and of course the 512 or 552. I didn't care for the Reflex or the 2x Aimpoint.

The more popular mounts and EOTech's built-in mounts allow for direct mounting to the flattop. With an A2, you can either mount on top of the carry handle, or use a drop down mount (the BC-CAM comes to mind). That one runs approximately $125. The optic will sit between your front sight and the forward section of the carry handle, and the BC-CAM will allow the red dot to sit on your front sight post.

You can also swap out your A2 upper for a flattop. You can get flattop uppers for as low as $90 shipped on ar15.com. Then you'll want a back up iron sight (BUIS). There are tons of options there. I think the costs for either would even out.

1. use A2 + $125 BC-CAM
2. sell/trade A2 ($0 cost, or in the best scenario, make a few bucks) for A4 + BUIS (range: $75-150).

Of course, there's a rebarreling fee to consider.