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October 5, 2004, 08:43 AM
I posted this on THR too, so if you answered there no need to repeat yourself.

Looking at all the pictures here has gotten me wanting a Mosin Nagant or two, and I thought I'd ask your folks a couple questions.

First, how do you pronounce that? Mo-SIN NAG-ant? Some Russian pronounciation I could only approximate?

Second, I'm thinking of getting both a rifle and carbine, and there seem to be a couple variations on each, there are a couple different armories, plus a hex or round reciever, plus the M38 or M44 carbines. I'm only interested in shooters, I'm not thinking of collector value at all. I'll probably leave them just the way they come, no new stocks or whatever unless something is damaged. Are there any advantages to one over the other? More than two, one rifle and one carbine isn't in the cards now, and I'm only thinking in terms of both because they are so cheap.

Are there English manuals available for these rifles?

Lastly, to my fellow New Jerseyans, can anyone recommend a dealer in NJ, preferably near Bergen County, where I could either get such rifles or who would do the transfer? NJ doesn't allow direct shipment, even to a C&R licensee

October 6, 2004, 12:07 AM
I beleive it is mow-SEEN NAH-gant. I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong. Heck I pronounce it Moy-sin New-ghent when I talk about it, not proper, but it was my original interpritation.

As to the rifles, I have quite a few, so I can help you out. For about 80 bucks, if you shop around you can find m44 carbines with laminated stocks built brand new. The articles all say arsenal reconditioned, and some probably are, but the one I bought had a newly machined reciver, which is obvious via the rough bolt operation, Nagants break in to become one of the slickest bolts you can find. On the other hand, M44's have a different rear sight setup from the 91/30. Why would that be bad you might ask? because if you drift out the pins holding on the rear sight of a gun based on the 91/30 system, such as that found on the M38 carbine, you get a bueatyfully placed dovetail that fits dovetail scope rings perfectly. If you buy a set of steel dovetail rings for mounting on a rimfire rifle, you can place a scout scope on the nagant carbine without modifying the gun in any perminant way.

As to long rifles, there are pretty refinished ones on the market for cheap, but if you want gun that is both a shooter and has great history, look around for a decomissioned sniper. Don't pay more then 120 bucks for one, but if you get one with a tolerable bore you will have a real nice shooter on your hands. Sometmes you can find old snipers on the same rack as standard 91/30 rifles. Snipers have two holes filled with cut off screws which are visable when you open the action. Snipers also have a serial number on the side of the reciever rather then just on the barrel. They also have a more polished reciever then the standard rifles.

The difference isn't great betweent the standard and the sniper, but it is noticeable. A reconditioned 91/30 with a practically new barrel shoots about the same as my decomissioned sniper with it's mildly pitted bore. If the bore on the sniper was as good as the reconditioned model, I have no doubt that it would be far more accuate.

Finnish m39's are the most accuate, but they are too unweildy for my tastes.
M44's may be lighter then 91/30 rifles, but they feel heavier, probably because of the bayonet being out front.

Nagants are great guns, one of my favorite designs, second only to the Kalashnikov.

October 6, 2004, 05:41 PM
I think they're great weapons, and I just bought a couple (can't miss at the prices they go for), but I haven't shot them yet, so I'll have to hold off on that judgement.

On the pronunciation, I've looked into it a bit. Mosin is Russian name, and is pronounced MOW (long o - as in 'mow the lawn')-sin. Nagant is Belgium, french pronunciation, nah-GHANT (short a - as in 'want'). (The Nagant firm was "Fabrique d'armes Emile et Léon Nagant".)

So, it's MOsin naGANT. Hope this helps.