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September 29, 2004, 07:36 AM
A few years ago I purchased a Rem 700 Sendero Satinless fluted and put a Leupold 3.5X10X50 Vari-X III scope on it...I did no break in whatsoever just shot it...but did clean it after each shooting session unless I was going to hunt with it soon afterwards. Well, I thought I knew how to clean a rifle...after all, I had read everything there was to read on the subject...when the Sendero's groups began opening up at 200 yards to around 3-4 inches, I cleaned it again, and shot 3-4 inch groups again...thinking it was me or the rifle, I sold it for $875....I really used to get 1 inch groups at 200 and sometimes even better...I told the guy sometimes I can shoot it and sometimes I cannot...wondering if I was just so used to my LTR in .308 that I was flinching possibly...anyway...I watched the guy's friend at the gun shop clean the barrel with Hunter's copper melt for about two to three minutes...the patches came out blue...then finally white. I called the guy that bought the rifle back two days later and asked him if he was happy because if he was not, I was going to give him his money back...well, he told me that he shot a 1/2 inch group at 200 yards and was planning to take it moose hunting this weekend in Canada...glad he is happy...and I learned that I did NOT no how to really clean a rifle, and that I had sold a perfectly good one for a great price (for him) just because I was not cleaning it properly and therefore getting widening groups with it. Well, to make myself feel better, I bought a Swarovski AV 4X12X50 riflescope with the $875 for my LTR, and some of the Hunters copper melt...and got the gunshop guy to teach me how to feel the resistance in the barrel from copper fouling...I cleaned a few rifles this way since but have not shot them yet. Just writing to share an experience that I had to hopefully help those new guys like me not make the same mistake. Not 100% sure it was a mistake though because that Swarovski is nice...but I may have gotten it without selling the Sendero...cannot beat myself up anymore...think I will go shoot a little..


October 5, 2004, 06:25 PM
Most, if not all, factory barrels are somewhat rough out of the box. Compared to a hand lapped custom barrel they will copper up and build hard powder deposits twice as fast. Proper use of a copper cleaner or an electric foul-out machine is essential. This is especially true with cartridges that burn large amounts of powder to a small bore.
I had a friend discovered that his Remington 30-06 would shoot closer to the zero point if he fired a single fouling shot first. This was probably due to a certain degree of roughness and imperfections in the bore. Long story short, he used to fire a fouling shot the night before a hunt so that his first shot at a game animal would be more accurate. Well he hunted so much one year that he ended up not cleaning the rifle for the entire season. His father died in December of that year and one thing after another he did not get around to cleaning the rifle until spring.
Even after repeated cleaning with Shooters Choice and my Outer's Foul Out machine the rifle was never again as accurate as it was before. (1.75 MOA compared to .75 MOA before) We tired to lap the barrel with mixed results. Finally he found a factory Remington .30-06 barrel that a gunsmith had taken off of a customer's rifle to install a custom one. We installed the barrel and set the proper headspace. The rifle returned to its former accuracy. (.85 MOA) and we learned that Grandpa's harping about clean your rifle before you put it away was for a reason. Powder residue and mosture trapped underneath layers of copper fouling can frost or pit a barrel and ruin its accuracy.

October 12, 2004, 07:56 AM
Thanks Riddleofsteel.
The "Hunters Copper melt" is the best cleaning solution I have ever found...no matter how much I clean any barrel with JB compound and shooters choice etc., this solution cleans it further...has restored other rifles to same accuracy...and only in about 5-10 minutes...I will never use anything else...for now.
But I will say that I have never waited until the NEXT season to clean any gun...I am kind of a clean freak and rifles are much more to me than tools...they are something to enjoy looking at, holding, shooting and yes showing off a little too. Now if I could just find some mounts and rings for my LTR that look good and do not cost $200...then again, I may just spend the money and like it!