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J. Scott
September 27, 2004, 06:06 PM
I looking for good, but I can't afford the best optics for my Bushmaster varminter. I have recently moved my shooting distance back to 200 yards and my 3x9 doesn't cut it any more. I do ok with it 2-1/2" groups (the retical covers a good bit of the target.) I plan on moving back again to 300 yds.
I love the long range shooting it's a great challange that I want to learn and master. So what scopes should I look at and what should I stay away from.
I'm looking at around $600.00

Thanks JS

September 28, 2004, 02:49 PM
I put a Weaver v16 on my Varminter. It has given me very good service. Look here for specs. Goes from 4-16x with a AO.


Available from riflescopes.com for about $290.

There are better scopes, but for what I use it for (varminting with a .223) it covers all my bases for a reasonable price. You might need more power if you want to go to real long ranges and get real small groups.

Lots of choices in your price range though.

six 4 sure
September 28, 2004, 02:59 PM
I have heard really good things about Sightron scopes. They run in the $350 - $450 range. You can get them at www.midwayusa.com and check out their homepage at www.sightron.com

September 28, 2004, 03:01 PM
I might get flack for this, as some don't seem to like them, but I have a Springfield Armory scope on my .308. It was about $600. It is very clear, and they also have that internal level bubble which is handy. I have had it out in all kinds of weather, including very cold and heavy rain, and have had no problems at all. My buddy has the same scope, and also has had no trouble.

September 28, 2004, 05:12 PM
My vote would be something Leupold. I have an older VX-I 2-7x33mm on my .260 Rem 700 Mountain Rifle. (I believe it is relabeled as the Rifleman scope now.) Works pretty well for my uses. Lets me get 3-shot 1-1.5 MOA with my hunting load of 125gr Partitions.

Don't take this is a dig or attack, but why not try out a High Power Match Rifle sometime? Iron sights, shooting prone from a sling, etc... You probably won't be making itty-bitty little groups with it, but it is fun. With a little practice you would be surprised what a good competitor can do with a post and aperture on an AR-15, even to 600 yards. The aperture/aperture on a true Match Rifle makes it even easier.

And when you go back to a scope, things seem easier yet! :)

Good luck with your choice and good shooting,

J. Scott
September 28, 2004, 06:02 PM
Thanks for your input I never even thought about a weaver, I don't know why not my brother inlaw has one on his 30-06 and is happy with it. I followed your link and it's in the running.

As for sightron, thats what is on it right now 3x9x42. I am happy with it, I just wasn't sure about their over all quality and was a little leary about thowing good $$$ at an unknown. They claim lifetime replacement :rolleyes:

I had a springfield on order (on back order) and they kept moving the date back on me. When it got to 4 months I canceled the order. I ordered it for my winchester 70 in .300wsm I had a bushnell on it but it was overwhelmed by recoil, it's at the factory being rebuilt.

I have thought about high power shooting also I'm looking at joining a second club that does have 300 yd ranges and high power matches. The price of a new upper hurts a bit, it would be the second open sighted gun I have, the other is a baby eagle .45

thanks again for the input I'll keep looking and thinking :confused:

ps. It's always good shooting :D

September 28, 2004, 07:28 PM
can someone explain the scope break down for me? what's the #-#x# stand for?

J. Scott
September 28, 2004, 07:47 PM
The _x_x_ are the power and objective size of the scope, ie a fixed power scope might be 1.5X30 which would be 1.5 power magnafication with a 30 mm objective end (the end you DON'T look into) the end you look into is the ocular. A variable power scope would have 3 sets of numbers ie 3X9X42 which means the magnafication is adjustable from 3 power To 9 power with a 42mm objective lens. This may also be followed by the letters AO meaning adjustable objective, to correct for parallax.

September 28, 2004, 08:09 PM
so the higher the second number the better the scope right?

J. Scott
September 28, 2004, 08:39 PM
no, the higher number only refers to the magnafication not quality (you did say better) IMO my 3-9X42 Sightron S2 is a far better scope than my
4-18X50 Bushnell, after all my winchester shook the guts out of the bushnell.
Don't buy BSA optics :barf: . As a rule of thumb like every thing else $$$$ talks. Escort or BMW ;)

User Name
September 28, 2004, 09:00 PM
I've had my eye on one of these: http://www.riflescopes.com/departments/264/rifle_scopes/super_sniper/super_sniper_scopes.htm
If not then one of these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7104707806

Be sure and give us a review, whatever you decide...

September 28, 2004, 09:13 PM
Would it be worth it to scope an M1 carbine? Or should I stick with the irons. I probably won't be using it beyond 200-250 yards.

September 28, 2004, 10:39 PM
Depends what you're shooting at with the carbine.

I'm fine with iron sights out to about 200, but I won't be bulls-eyeing womp rats reliably beyond that range without a glass. Don't get caught up in the variable hysteria, if you just want to make it easier to hit at moderate ranges (out to 300 or so) a fixed 2-ish to 4-ish mag scope will do you fine.

For a long glass, I like the Shepherd scopes myself.

September 29, 2004, 03:21 AM
RE: carbine scope

What Carebear said.

For general usage I think many people really overscope their rifles. You can buy a good 2x to 4x scope for far less than a high power ranging variable. They are lighter and more compact so will not tend as much to turn a trim fast handling carbine or sporter into unwieldy unbalanced and bulky package.

September 29, 2004, 07:53 AM
"so the higher the second number the better the scope right?"

The quality of the glass is the determining factor in a scope. A excellent quality glass that is coated well will out perform a large objective mediocre quality scope hands down.

I use the Nikon 3X9 Monarch on my 700bdl and for the money it is as fine as they come.

September 29, 2004, 09:08 PM
Well, I was seeing 200 as about the maximum range the gun would be useful at. Thus no point in going much farther.