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September 24, 2004, 12:39 AM
Ok guys heres a good one, so lets start scratching our heads!

Some time ago I read an article about a bolt-rifle/carbine that was either made in U.K. or Australia. It was designed around the AR barrel and used the AR type bolt in their propietary action as a bolt-action. I remember reading that the fire control was also donated fron the AR as was the detachable magazine it fed from. all of this stuffed in a "wood" stock!

As I recal the article might have been fron SWAT to boot. I remember the picture had an officer posing by a patrol car with the rifle in question in his hands.

Having a lil .223 magazine fed carbine might be a fun toy to have! the posibilities are intresting, prairie dog hunting with a few 20rd magazines on hand sounds fun!

Almost forgot! Can anyone remember the make, model and mfgr. info for this rifle? I sure would like to have one if they are still available.

In Advance Thanks a Bunch,

sleeping dog
September 27, 2004, 06:56 AM
Bolt action? Heck, just plug up the gas tube on an AR and you got a bolt action rifle. I'm not sure about the wooden stock, you'd still need a buffer tube to give the bolt room to move backward.