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September 23, 2004, 10:43 PM
I have another piece that I'm trying to value and am having trouble identifying. As before I have notes from the owner and a digital picture. The information is not enough for me to find it in the Blue Book. The info I have is as follows:

"S&W 44 magnum"
"Barrel 6 1/2"
"Shots 6"
"Serial 160775 on breech of cylinder and in ejector rod recess"
"frame number 74782 under crane"
"custom trigger, hammer, sights, grips"

I seem to have trouble uploading pics to this forum, so I stuffed them on my personal web site. http://www.reineman.com/units/index.htm

I am pretty sure I need the model number, according to the Blue Book. I don't have that information right now. I hope someone will recognize the thing.

September 24, 2004, 02:35 PM
Generally speaking, it's a Model 29 S&W. On the frame under the crane there should be a stamping of the exact model number (MOD 29-3, etc).
This is the gun that Dirty Harry used.

Jim Watson
September 26, 2004, 12:10 PM
The illustrated gun is a VERY early production S&W .44 Magnum; like before model numbers were assigned in 1957. The top sideplate screw, along with the other three sideplate screws (There is one under the right grip.) and the cylinder stop screw in front of the trigger guard (Not visible in these pictures.) make it a "Five Screw Smith." My Blue Book says there were 6500 of the type made in 1956-1957 only. They carry a book dollar value premium over later guns, especially when in as nice condition as this one appears and with the "big diamond" target grips. They came in a wood box with tools and papers, which, if included, would add to collector interest and value.

Be careful about paying big money without an in-person examination, these 48 year old guns are getting scarce enough for lies about refinishing, grip replacement, etc. although they are probably not valuable enough for outright faking of screw locations and markings. Yet.

You can hook up with some S&W experts over at