View Full Version : Pistol shooter needs rifle advice...

September 21, 2004, 08:22 AM
Starting rifle shooting (as if I am spending too little on pistols and trap already) and need some advice from the board. I will be doing target shooting and some deer hunting. I was thinking a Remington 700 in either 30-06 or .308. Any thoughts, thanks.

Tom Matiska
September 21, 2004, 09:11 AM
Both have enough energy to do the job, but what range do you expect to hunt at? A short barrel 308 is overkill for the woods I hunt, but if 300-400 yard shots are possible I'd go for the '06 out of a longer barrel.

Dave R
September 21, 2004, 12:33 PM
I think you can't go wrong with either. The Rem700 is a classic, and either round is will perform well for both purposes you list. I have a Rem700 in .308. Shot MOA out of the box (MOA=1" at 100 yards.)

The issue of .30-06 vs. .308 gets discussed a lot. Most times the consensus winds up being--if you intend to hand load, the .30-06 gives you more flexibility. It can handle heavier bullets up to 220gr. Better for bigger game.

If you don't reload, the .308 gives you nearly as much flexibility, but also gives you the option of less expensive ammo, either military surplus (7.62X54) or Whichester White box varieties.

Military Surplus ammo can be nearly as cheap as reloaded ammo ($35 per 200 rounds or so.) But it is not suitable for hunting, since it has FMJ bullets which were not designed to take game cleanly. And there is some controversy around using milsurp ammo in .308 rifles.

But I shoot a reasonable amount of Portugese surplus from my .308, and it performs well in my rifle.