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September 20, 2004, 08:12 PM
Hello all. I have a Mauser converted to 308. After I check the headspace is there any ammo that is cheaper than PMC or the like that is ok to shoot???
I'm talking surplus here, buy a couple hundred rounds and put away, going to reload for serious practice.
What stripper clips fit the bridge on this gun??? what do they also fit??
Thanks much,

September 21, 2004, 08:48 AM
The basic 8mm Mauser clips are the only ones that'll fit it, but the good thing is, they fit .308 cases just fine! The cheapo 8mm Mauser Turkish ammo usually comes with the clips - find a local Mauser shooter, and you can get plenty of clips. He'll probably be glad to get rid of them free. They tend to gather like pennys. :D
I recently bought 400 rounds of Indian .308 for $14.99/100 - -inflated gunshow prices. You can find it cheaper online. It's okay for blasting, and it's actually pretty accurate in my CETME. It burns dirty, but thems the risks of cheap ammo. Portugese and Soth African surplus 7.62X51 can be found for decent prices - and it's far better ammo.
If the rifle is a large-ring 98 Mauser, you can shoot commercial .308 hunting ammo - despite what some "Gun Exspurts" say regarding .308 conversions.
My FR8 likes Remington/UMC 150 grain Core-lockts. The 180's kick like a mule though. ;)