View Full Version : Barrett 99, 99-1 Accuracy Differences?

Double Naught Spy
September 15, 2004, 09:54 PM
Does anybody have any information or reference links where I could find out more about the differences in accuracy between a Barrett 99 with a 33" barrel versus a 99-1 with the standard 29" barrel? For that matter, how much more accurate these are supposed to be over the other Barrett .50s? Barrett's website description of the 99s says they are their most acccurate guns, but provides no supporting data.

I realize there are a lot of factors that might come into play such as the load, slug weight, distance of the target etc. I don't know what the standard would be for .50 bmg zeroing distance, so if the 99s are more accurate, just how much more accurate are they at what distance? Was it something like a 2" smaller group at 400 yards, 8" at 600, or what?

Also, anyone have any idea about velocity differences produced between the 29 and 33" barrels?

I tried contacting Barrett, but haven't gotten a response.