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September 12, 2004, 08:23 AM

The Lepage company served the European Gentry from the Flintlock era to the early cartridge guns. The provided similarly configured target pistols and duelers providing both a means for their entertainment and a positive check on peerage overpopulation. Napoleon had a brace of flintlocks with rifled barrels. Pedersoli makes a fateful copy of the target pistols used in the mid 19th Century.
Got this one through Dixie Gunworks. Amazing two-day delivery time. This one is a popular competition pistol and won several medals this year at the MLIAC sanctioned world match. It's .44 caliber and uses .433 patch balls. Bore diameter is .455"

Placing the second finger on the trigger guard hook increases steadiness and enhances control of the set trigger. Twenty five yard results look like K-22. Model 17 targets
And I destroyed this computer virus with five consecutive shots at 28 yards.

The gun is boxed with an instruction booklet which is very generic across the entire pedersoli line and has very little information about the pistol. It also has a very comprehensive videotape that is more helpful than the manual
The Pedersoli web page has a world-wide list of distributors/service centers/parts depots. Flintlocks ETC is the USA branch. I checked them out for spare parts, the necessary special nipple wrench and a ball puller for the loading rod (included with the gun ). Response was totally satisfactory and lightening fast.

Practical off-hand accuracy is just a bit better than my Lyman Plains pistol and they seem about equal from a casual rest at 50 yards.


March 16, 2005, 06:43 AM
Last week I also got a Le Page target standard, just the same as yours

I shot my friend's one (a Maple version) and was impressed by the beauty and accuracy of such gun, so when I found one on display in my favourite gun shop I couldn't resist buying it

Didn't shoot it until now, I am still a "rookie" and have to buy the essential accessories.
Could you please tell me what is the rig I need for shooting, cleaning and taking care of my Le Page?

Thanks in advance

March 16, 2005, 08:27 AM
You may find that the trigger pull gets lighter until it won't stay on full cock with the trigger set. This is an insidious situation that causes accidental discharges. What took care of it for me was to remove the adjustment screw, degrease and coat with blue loctite. After a couple of hundred functions, the pull hasn't changed and the problem hasn.t recurred.

Flintlocks ETc- check the pedersoli web page for contact information, keeps all or most of the necessary spare parts and accessories. Good people to deal with too. I bought some extra main and sear springs along with a ball puller- screws into the ramrod tip. It also needs a nipple wrench which you can get from F-etc too.

Other than that, it uses .433 " balls and .440 are too big. Patches and your choice of powder are all that it takes to get it shooting. The piddling little instructions packed with mine was a generic thing from Dixie Gun works. They suggest 30 grains of FFFG. I found that mine was a lot happier with 20 grains and I really like 15 gr/vol H777 with this pistol.
Load Velocity Spread
30 Grains/Volume Pyrodex P 1060 fps 150
20 Grains/Volume Pyrodex P 949 fps 110
20 Grains/Volume fffg 868 fps 104
15 Grains /Volume H777 864 fps 98
The English people who use these for matches say that my charges are a bit heavier than they like to use which may account for the wide velocity swings. Even so, the charges are very accurate.