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September 6, 2004, 04:26 PM
I have shot Cap n' Ball revolvers for several years now, on and off agian and that was on seldom occaisons. Outside of my own expierence with just a few different makes and models I still know very little about them. I was interested to see what some of you who actively shoot Cap n' Ball might say in response to a few questions. I apologize for the abundance of questions.

From the searches I have done online and in this very forum, it seems as though the craftmanship and general reliability is better in Uberti's rather than Pietta. Is this true?

I have my fathers ole' Euro-arms 58 Rem. There are some parts that need replacing and this pistol was made in the 80's I believe. (Trigger Bolt Spring, Mainspring maybe even more) I have found a website that sells Uberti and Pietta parts, www.VTIgunparts.com (https://www.vtigunparts.com/ab2240000Equick/default.asp) Can I get the parts for a Pietta or Uberti 58 Rem. and substitute them for actual Euroarms parts? Would Uberti or Pietta nipple threads and other parts match those from Euroarms?

I notice that Cabela's sells additional cylinders. Do these have to be tuned or indexed? And would there be any compliancy issues between Euroarms and Pietta or Uberti?

I had a 1860 (Not sure brand) years ago and it had these little teeth or nubs that extended off of the rear of the cylinder in between the nipples. I dont know the tenchnical name for these things. These "nubs" allowed the hammer to be rested on the cylinder in between nipples, the nubs fit into a groove in the hammer and prevented cylinder from turning. This is kind of a safety that keeps the hammer from resting on live percussion cap. My brass framed Pietta 1860 does not have these "nubs". Which manufacturers use these nubs?

I noticed after a few searches here on the firing line, that you guys use Crisco to cap off cynder and prevent chain fire. This is probably cheaper then when I use T/C's bore butter. Are there any other "tricks of the trade"?

Sorry for all the questions and I am sure I will have more. I hope you guys can shed a little light on this for me. Thanks in advance!

September 6, 2004, 08:59 PM
I have an unmarked navy- long story- that has the same grip profile as Pietta and is probably from that company. It has no nubs between the chambers.

There is a good chance that the Parts handled by VTI can be fitted to your revolver. Numrich Gunparts sells a generic Colt Army/Navy essential parts kit that comes from Pietta. The flier says that part of the trigger will have to be shortened to fit the Army. Other parts include the springs, hammer, trigger hand and bolt.

I would recommend that you trie Uberti Parts as the current ones seem to be finished and heat treated to high standards. Uberti USA and Cimarron stock parts for the current Ubertis and also have service departments for their guns. ( but not for earlier Uberties or others). Recent Ubertis have higher front bedes to make them shoot a bit lower, indications that major parts are milled on cnc machinery rather than cast and good cylinder/ bore alignment and measurements. The only problem we have seen was with a recent Uberti Navy with such a light mainspring that the hammer blows back and comes to rest between the nipples. It needs a stronger mainspring.

You still have to become a gunsmith-in-training to shoot c&b revolvers but , with such responsible companies as VTI gunparts, Uberti USA and Cimarron, it's become a lot easier.


September 7, 2004, 09:01 PM
VTIgunparts made a very speedy response to an email I sent and they said that they didn't think that Pietta or Uberti parts would fit. They said perhaps with a little fileing the Pietta Rem 58 parts would fit Euroarms 58. I dont think I would have had any trouble getting the trigger bolt spring to fit, but I took the ole' thing apart last night and the the part discribed as a bolt was snaped in two and the hammer was "boogered up" a bit. The hammer costs $35, $5 for the bolt spring and the bolt costs $12. $52 dollars (with out shipping) is more than this rusty little 58' is worth to me.

I want to try out some Uberti's though, I am just a 1860 Colt fan so I will probably get one of those first. And eventully I will get thier Rem. 58 too, if I am satisfied with their Colt replicas.

As for the nubbs, who needs 'em!

I am not afraid of a little guns smithing, I actually enjoy it.

Thanks for your response mec, good looking C&B revolvers too? Is that 58' an Uberti?

September 8, 2004, 09:32 AM
both are Ubertis made this year. Nothing has broken yet, though I had to use a brass drift to tighten the dovetail on the deal the loading lever snaps into (barrel). Both of these have .450 chamber mouths and land to land measurements in the bore and the chambers align with the barrel perfectly.

Neat touch with the Remington. The front sight can be tapped sideways to adjust windage and is overly tall so that you can file it down to hit point of aim.

the Army has a light action - mainly because of a very light mainspring. A recent Uberti Navy is the same way and we noticed that the hammer would bounce back and land between chambers from back blast. That gun will get a new mainspring. This sort of minor glitchery will probably never go away but the New Ubertis are very well made guns.

The safety pins between the cylinders of the colt will positively hold the hammer for carrying around- unless they have worn away or were never there to begin with. In those cases, leaving an empty under the hammer is the right way to go. The grooves between chambers on the Remington serve the same purpose.

September 9, 2004, 10:52 PM
I hate to bring up money but.....

Where can I get a good price on an Uberti 1860?

Whats a decent price on a Uberti 1860?

My 2003 Shooters Bible list Uberti's 1860 to cost around $230. And www.texasjacks.com (http://www.texasjacks.com/BlkPowder/1860ArmyFluted.htm) lists the Cimmaron Uberti 1860 at $375. Surley these things aren't that expiensive. I need a good reputable place (Online preferably) that has a good deal and decent customer service.

Cabela's is known for high prices and the Peitta's 1860 sell for $179, what is a decent price on a Pietta?

The saftey pins that mec mentioned are the "nubbs" I was asking about earlier. Do Uberti's have these pins on cylinder?

Just curious mec, In the 2nd photo you posted of the Rem 58, Is that a 2x8 holding the target up? Did the bullets penatrate very far? How much powder where ya useing?

Thanks mec,

September 10, 2004, 07:14 AM
I pealed the target from a back board and put it down on a convenient board. My most frequently used load with the Colt and Remington is 30gr equivalent of pyrodex. Both of the guns in these pictures are from Uberti USA. I haven't seen a cimarron and don't know if they are prettier or not but each of the guns I have cost about $230 as in your catalog. I would not buy a gun from any other manufacturer to save money as the difference would probably soon be made up in agrevation and replaced parts.

These .44s have paper ballistics that look a little like standard pressure .38 specials when loaded with about 30 grains. Velocities chronographed in the 800 fps+ range with the .451 & .454 140 grain balls. High 700s with a 200 grain Lee cast bullet.

Here are some figures from two different Remingtons- a Uberti and a pietta
As you can see, there is quite a bit of difference and I would expect more variation with different guns"
30 Gr American Pioneer Pietta 506 57
30 Gr Pyrodex P Uberti 975 66
35 Grains FFFG .454 Uberti 855 37
30 Grain FFFG .454 Uberti 795 31
30 Grain Pyrodex P .454 Uberti 966 54
30 Grain FFFG Lee Uberti
200 Grain Bullet 764 41

September 10, 2004, 09:22 AM
I have a spare cylinder from Cabella for the Pietta. Worked fine out of the box. Same fit as the original.

September 10, 2004, 04:56 PM
Thanks for the information guys,

I have contacted a local Uberti dealer and they said they could get me a Uberti 1860 for around $250. Dixie Gun Works is selling Uberti 1860's for $275 w/o shipping. Midway USA has one for $224 w/o shipping.(Although I don't think Midway USA offers a Uberti 1860 with fluted cylinder)

I want an Uberti, but I want one for around $230. Any advice?

Thanks agian.