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Dean C
September 1, 2004, 10:19 PM
I've seen black bears in western Washington, what other bears are there around here? Son saw a cinimmon that was about twice the size of a black one, and I'm not sure what he saw. Not sure, any input?

Dean C
September 1, 2004, 10:36 PM
Apparently he not only saw it, he shot it. Too dark to pull it out out tonight, I guess I'll be with him tomorrow morning. I'll try to get some pictures. It's about a mile or so in with nothing but feet to retreive it (gated with not motorized vehicle restestictionos). ARGH. Wish me luck!

Dean C
September 2, 2004, 03:05 PM
Rain and hail last night. Washed away any blood not to mention everything knocked down by hail. Still three of us went in at 7am. Spread out and beat some of the thickest brush I've ever seen. Not a sign. Followed every possible game trail we could. Beat us. Believe me, leaving an animal out there isn't in my character. On our way back out about noon. Saw a fresh pile (still warm) and some mighty big tracks that resembled the ones where he saw the bear. Right now I'll bet there is one smarter bear out there and one smarter hunter.

Fred Hansen
September 2, 2004, 06:24 PM
I've seen black bears in western Washington, what other bears are there around here?There are rumored to be Grizzly bears roaming/living in the north Cascades area of Washington State. There are rumored to be Grizzlies in the Selkirk mountains as well.

Was it a cinnamon colored Black Bear (http://www.enature.com/fieldguide/showSpeciesFT.asp?fotogID=595&curPageNum=4&recnum=MA0013) (Ursus americanus), or was it a Grizzly Bear (http://www.enature.com/fieldguide/showSpeciesGS.asp?sort=1&curGroupID=99&display=1&area=99&searchText=Grizzly+Bear&curPageNum=2&recnum=MA0516) (Ursus arctos horribilus)?

http://www.mytaxidermy.com/jpgs/gallery/life/brown01.jpg Cinnamon phase Black Bear

http://www.nationalgeographic.com/kids/creature_feature/0010/images/bear.jpgGrizzly Bear

The distinction is quite important, since it is a serious crime to shoot a Grizzly in our state. That there are Grizzlies in our state, and that there is a reason to know the difference between the two is something that should have been made plain to your son in his Hunter Education class. Judging by your question it seems like he didn't know. What part of the state was your son in when he shot at this bear?

Dean C
September 3, 2004, 08:52 AM
The area was in the foothills just east of Carnation/Fall City area. No gizzly's in that area. He is fully aware of the law regarding grizzlys but neither of us were famaliar with the Cinnamon Black Bear. That is what prompted the question.

We both are new to Bear hunting (25+ years of Deer hunting for me, a couple for my son) and would appreciate any tips, hints or experiences. Fred, thank you for your response. I'll be checking out the links.