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rob i
August 22, 2004, 09:28 PM
Hi, this is my first post. This is a very nice forum you have here, and I am hoping that some of you knowledgable folks could help me with a problem that I am having with my seecamp pistol. I bought the seecamp back in march and was finally able to have a chance to shoot it two weeks ago. I was thrilled with it's initial performance. It seemed about as accurate as a pistol of that size could get and the recoil was completely manageable. I went through two magazines with flawless performance. Then the gun jammed early in the third magazine. I cleared it and was able to shoot the rest of the magazine and a next one. Then the gun jammed again and would not reload at all. Everytime that I would try and cycle the slide the round would jam. It appeared that the extractor was hooking onto the rim of the cartridge and would not allow it to feed. I cleaed the gun throughly later, and tried again to feed a round into the chamber without any success. The next day I contacted seecamp and I spoke directly with Larry Seecamp. He was extremely nice and apologized for the unusaul behavor of the gun. He seemed to wonder if the problems were caused by the changes in the current silvertip bullets. Anyway, I sent him the gun. Just about one week later I recieved the repaired gun along with a letter specifiyng that he is now changing the recommendation from silvertips to hydra-shoks. The letter explains that the current silvertip bullets are not the same silvertips that he has recommended for the last 20 years, and that he will most likely change the litterature in the manual to specify Hydra shoks as the recommended ammo. I did as recommended and purchased several boxes of hydra-shok ammo at my local gun store. I then tried to load the gun to make sure it wasn't going to fail to feed again. It seemed to feed fine. Later that day I unloaded the gun, planning to reload the gun to make sure the first smooth feed was not a fluke. (I didn't have any chance to get to a range to test it by shooting). Anyway, it jammed upon releasing the slide. I tried it again and again and again. It jammed upon loading every time except for once. The bullets just did not want to feed. The extractor kept hooking the rim of the cartridge, preventing it from feeding into the chamber. Anyway, I plan on calling seecamp again tomorrow. I am hoping that this time they will give me a replacement pistol, as even if it's fixed perfectly, i've pretty much lost confidence in this particular pistol. I am aware that Seecamp pistols are extremely well made and I have found Larry Seecamp to be extremely helpful and customer minded, so I do hope that this situation will be remedied. It is frustrating as I really really like this gun and am very dissapointed with my experiences. Any feedback would be greatly appreciatied. I apologize for the agonizingly long post.

Rob I