View Full Version : Range Report: Howa 1500 JRS classic .308

newbie 9mm
August 22, 2004, 04:44 PM
I finally went to the range with my new rifle today. Howa JRS classis .308, laminated nutmeg color stock. I got the rifle for $450, leupold rings and bases for $50, and used my Bushnell trophy 3-9x40 scope on it, along with a Harris Bipod and a cauldwell rear bag rest. Tried out the Rem Scirocco (165), Core Locks (180 rn), Rem loaded partitions (150), Rem loaded Accutips(165), Hornady Interbonds (150), Fed loaded Nosler ballistic tips(150), Fed and Rem loaded partitions (180 sp) Fed loaded Sierra Gamekings(165). All hit pretty much in a 6" circle w/o adjusting the scope at all. I was keeping most 5 shot groups in under 2", 3 shot groups in an inch to inch and a half usually. Best group was with the 165 Accutips, 3 in 3/8"! Two went into the same hole, barely could see that it was 2 shots, and the 3rd was right next to it. Other groups were around an inch for the various ballistic tips, and 1.5 for the Corelocks, Partions, Gamekings, etc. I was getting usually 2 nice shots right next to each other or cloverleafed, but the third was an inch or so out of the group. Gotta get more consistent on the cheek weld and trigger pull. I was able to tell when I really pulled one of the group, but that only happened a couple times. I'll prob do some more testing when I have time, but for deer hunting, I will prob stick with the Rem Core Locks for hunting season, and maybe the accutips in reserve if I need a longer shot. The Corelocks are dead on at 100, and the accutips were approx 1.5" to 2" high at 100, so they would be for a longer than 100yd shot, which are pretty rare around here!