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August 21, 2004, 08:05 AM
I've already posted this on the general & sem-auto handguns forums - sorry to bore you if you've read this. I'm trying to get info on a "Unique" model D.4 target pistol in .22 cal made by Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrenees who I think is located in Hendaye, France. Can't seem to find a website for them. Information can't help me with a phone number. Does anybody have an address or phone number for them? Anybody have any info on this pistol? Thanks.

August 21, 2004, 09:51 PM
The D 4, 8 1/2" barrel, was made in the mid-fifties for Olympic speed pistol shooting.
The Unique factory has closed a few years ago and their web site is down.
Everything has been sold to
3, rue Michelet
93500 PANTIN
Phone (33) 149 42 91 81
Fax (33) 148 44 43 58
They should still have parts and firearms in stock.

Some Unique pistols may be seen here: http://www.littlegun.be/arme%20francaise%202/a%20pyrenee%20unique%20fr.htm


August 22, 2004, 12:42 PM
A page with the Unique D.4: Unique D.4 (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/rem788/unique_d4.jpg)