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August 13, 2004, 07:27 PM
Have a Wiener Waffenfabrik of Vienna little tom pistol 25cal , was brought back from ww2 by a friend of the family and was looking for info about collectors value and history of the pistol, any info will be appreciated! thanks alot jerryd.

Herr Walther
August 13, 2004, 10:22 PM
The Little Tom pistol was the very first double action semi-automatic pistol. Ever.

Unfortunately it didn't do well commercially and Walther took this idea (not the design) and designed their own improved SA/DA pistol known as the Walther PP. Up to the time of the Little Tom, all semi-auto's were SA and not particularly safe with one loaded and the covered internal hammer cocked.

Walther is credited with the design of the first succesfull SA/DA semi-automatic pistol, but it was not the first as many people are led to believe.

As far as the Little Tom, I have little information on in-depth history, serial numbers, or value. It would be best if you had it looked at by a professional firearms appraiser such as the services offered by the Blue Book publisher. I couldn't even give you a ball park figure since I have no information on the pistol.

You can find this appraisal information at their web-site or in the Blue Book itself.