View Full Version : CVA bobcat

August 11, 2004, 11:52 AM
I can get a .50 CVA bobcat at Wal*Mart for $55.00, I looked it over and it seems like a very good value even though the stock and ramrod guide are cheaply made. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

I already have a bunch of factory made 385g "buffalo bullets" and plenty of powder and caps and I feel I want a .50 sidelock. I can live with a plastic stock for now but don't want a funky in-line even though you can hunt with any muzzleloader here.

Is the bobcat a decent rifle? Will the lock hold up to years of use?

I have over 2 lbs of Pyrodex RS and ordering in real black powder would be very expensive, will the pyrodex work OK?

Someone suggested getting a "hot shot" nipple if using pyrodex, is that necessary?


August 14, 2004, 03:32 AM
The Bobcat uses the CVA lockwork in a synthetic stock. There are CVAs that have been hunting for decades and still shoot fine. They are not the prettiest but they are plenty rugid. If you use loose Pyrodex you wouldn't need the "Hot Shot" nipple, but I would use a musket cap and nipple for a bit more fire. Pyrodex is very good powder - you'll like it!