View Full Version : Finally almost fully converted USP to the Match! Need Holster comp/and concealed

July 24, 2004, 12:30 AM
Hey there,

I am in desperate need of holster help. I have a USP 45 full size var 1 I bought for 800. Now it was and still is a carry gun but I decided to show those little glock guys at the IDPA and IPSC something about german firearms. Anyway I took my wee little USP stock and transformed it. I added Fully adjustable rear sighting with fixed blade front night sights. Then got the H&K Factory Match Trigger Kit had it put on. Then I bought the Factory Matchweight, which is the thing that goes on the end of the slide on the tac rail you can see http://www.gunbroker.com/auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=20690805 for a picture of a FS usp with the matchweight attached if you do not know what I mean. Then I had the slide release and the hammer brushed silver and had an oval 3 port cut put behind the front sight of the gun for porting, I also had the Matchweight brushed in the same silver with custom Match engraved and a personal logo. I have some wolf spring magazines with thumb depressment plates.. Pretty much everything I need now except the Jarvis barrel I am planning on adding. See the barral I have to get to extend to almost the end of the matchweight is somewhere between 5 - 6 inches, I think Jarvis' threaded o-ring barrel is 5.7 inches. Anyway this makes finding a holster that I can compete with hard. Since the gun is so much longer now it will not fit in conventional holsters made for the usp, I will need an open ended holster. Sort of like a snap holster/skeleton/open ended holster that will be open on both sides and cover the trigger and pretty much a little bit of the midsection which would allow the longer slide and barrel etc to go through fine. I need something that is worthy for competiton though just as a tactical krydex or something similar in a belt holster fashion as this is now a competition gun. It is kind of hard to explain what holster I am talking about but I am sure you can kinda get the idea of what I need. Would you have any idea on where I could find such a holster? I found some on gunbroker but they are all closed ended which is why I am contacting you. I need the holster to carry and compete with the pistol as I am only able to carry it in a padded metal briefcase right now. I did get offered 1,700 cash right on the spot after a range owner saw how my groupings were, and the jarvis barrel that extends it isn't even added yet nor the ports or the polishing that the barrel will get, that is the last piece I need and I will have fully converted the gun. That and the holster, which is why I am contacting you today to see if you can offer any help. The dimensions for the USP Match which is pretty much the same as a normal full size USP 45 are listed below, I will list both the USP FS and the USP Match so you can see the differences in sizes. Any help would be great!

USP .45 Full Size Var 1 Stock Size:
Height: 5.55 in
Width: 1.26 in
Barrel Length: 4.41 in
Overall Length: 7.87 in

USP Match (no longer in production) Size
Height: 5.94 in
Width: 1.26 in
Barrel Length: 6.02 in (impossible to find match barrel, and this wont really matter as much as the overall length but I believe Jarvis barrels are 5 - 5.8 inches)
Overall Length: 9.45 in

See I am not sure about the small high difference as it may be talking about the slight addition the matchweight adds to the height of the gun or the adjustable sights. I think the width and overall length would be the most important things when helping me find a holster. I really appreciate the support with this and this will help me greatly. I also need a holster that I can carry on my belt as well. I saw some mention of german speedster cw holsters? Just need some help.