View Full Version : Spiffing up a Mini-14 Ranch rifle

October 10, 1998, 03:16 PM
I've had the ranch rifle for 14 yrs and I love it. Right now it has a 3x-9x rangefinder scope and muzzle brake. Any other suggestions to maximize performance? Best performing ammo?

October 11, 1998, 12:25 PM
On the old Fido firearms special interest group, we had numerous insiders including a gent (whose name escapes me) who was the head of QA for years at Ruger. He took great pains to indicate that unlike the M-14 or M-1A, the mini-14 did not have parts tolerances that would permit routine MOA achievement through tweaking. Those that have, like Chief AJ, use numerous homebrewed custom replacement parts resulting in an overall cost that most do not feel justified in spending. What I would recommend to you is checking out Chief AJ and his price list...he guarantees MOA and in some cases better than MOA results and has practical demonstrations on that puppy's accuracy (saw him at the first varmint hunters' association jamboree in Pierre SD several years ago...his Ruger 10/22 was hitting amazing groups at 200+ yards too but at over $1500 it wasn't about to dent my checkbook!).


October 11, 1998, 12:45 PM
Thanks Bob..
Do have a URL or phone/address for Chief AJ?

Rich Lucibella
October 11, 1998, 01:23 PM
Try him at (217) 253-2959

October 11, 1998, 04:32 PM
DC, I saw one that had been worked on by Northern VA Gunworks (Sandy and Robert Garrett). I don't know if he still does these ala-carte or as a package. I recall this one as sub moa, and the core was a new barrel with a match (?) quality chamber. He also used an embedded aluminium block, but don't recall how it was positioned. The action was also bedded, but may have had alloy reinforcements also. Call him at 703-644-6504.

October 14, 1998, 11:12 AM
If I may, a Harris Bipod would be a fantastic addition to your setup. They are a little spendy, but worth the money once you get it on your gun and try it out.

October 14, 1998, 11:18 AM
Oh, one more thing... ammo... for varmit shooting there are a lot of good choices. For Defence use, I am in love with the new Honady TAP ammo. It's performance is down right unnerving. It has my vote for the "would like to get hit with the least bullet".

October 14, 1998, 11:49 AM
Thanks folks...will check out the leads

Do you have any specs on the Hornaday TAPS? personal observations?

December 25, 1998, 01:15 PM
I've been playing with mini-14's for years. Some of my best groups were with the winchester 64 grain powerpoint and accurate arms' 2230. Also use Lee's crimper(factory). Good Luck. P.S. The gun still works after being dropped in a mud bog(I had mud in my pockets!)

4V50 Gary
December 25, 1998, 03:41 PM
While I don't believe the effort to make the Mini14 sub-moa is cost effective (it's cheaper to buy a Colt 24" match stainless bbl AR), it can be done with a heavy match barrel, glass-bedding, trigger work. Also use a Stoney Point Chamber gauge to ensure your reloaded ammo doesn't have excessive freebore.

Without all that work, the Mini14 remains a fun gun to shoot. I pop stationary clay pigeons at 100 yards with regularity with my unmodified rifle.

December 28, 1998, 12:21 AM
My Mini-14 is still one of my favorite firearms for casual shooting. Rugged and dependable ( although I have more feeding problems with hi-cap mags in my Mini than in the ARs), with little added other than a folding stock, muzzle reducer and a sling. I think a bipod for this little gun is overkill. This gun was made for shooting without aided support-- it's quick to the ready, lightweight, and looks totally cool!

August 6, 2000, 02:28 PM
I have found that the Sellier&Bellot 55gr is better than average for plinking ammo. I use the Federal Premium for best results.