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July 19, 2004, 11:40 PM
I am sure a lot of folks here have some funny tales to tell concerning odd and unusual occurances whilst hunting. Would you be so kind as to share?

July 20, 2004, 04:28 AM
Indoor Hunting...


July 20, 2004, 04:18 PM
My best friend was on duty in the local hospital lab when the ER was alerted that a bunch of "drunk" bowhunters were coming in with a wounded comrade. It seems six bowhunters were going to "road hunt" from the cab and the back of a 4X4 pickup -- they knew they were too drunk to stalk game! Two climbed into the cab and four proceeded to string their bows, while on the move over a rutted mountain trail. One fellow attempted to string his recurve bow (this happened in 1969) and anchored one end and flexed the other. A nasty bump in the road caused him to lose his grip as the free end smacked another hunter squarely across the side of the face and jaw, knocking him unconscious. As a his buddies tried to revive him, the truck hit a large rock, throwing all occupants and equipment up in the air (including a mounted spare tire!). While in the air, a quiver lost it's contents. The unconscious hunter landed in the bed of the truck firmly on a broadhead, which penetrated his gluteus about two inches! The loose occupants finally got the driver to stop. The wounded hunter regained consciousness but was still groggy from the head pounding, and now realized he had another problem, a serious arrow stuck in his butt! He said he could feel the broadhead and some intense pain everytime he moved so he begged his buds to immobilize him somehow. All they could find was a roll of black plastic electricians tape, so with his knee positioned up near his chest (the least painful position) they commenced to tie him up with black tape like a turkey on a spit! So the sight my friend saw as the pickup drove under the awning at the ER was one of a bunch of still drunk hunters, unloading their friend out of the truck, large red welt on his face, and and black tape around his shoulders, under his leg, around his neck, under his knee, and over his head! ...and all the time screaming in pain!!!

Oh, to make this post gun related -- one of the guys had a .22 pistol strapped to his hip to shoot rabbits.

Bruce Woodbury

October 18, 2004, 12:59 PM

Once, a group of friends went out on a hog hunt. They went to the woods in two separate cars.
A friend of mine was on car one, and saw a tatu (it's a small animal, the size of a rabbit, looks like a rodent, but has a very thick armour) crossing the road and shot it. Since they're going for the hogs, and they needed to come back at the same road, he left the tatu under a very tall tree to pick it up later.

They went to hunt and find the others, that came in car two for the hunt.

After the hunt, one of the guys who came at car two, decided to come back to the lodge on car one. When they were coming back, they needed to stop by to collect the tatu that was left under the tall tree. That's when my friend came up with the idea... :)

Approaching the tall tree, my friend yieled for the others, pointing up: "look !!! there's a tatu up on the tree !!!" All the guys, except the one that didn't come on the car one understood the joke and started to shout: "Yes !!! It's a tatu, shoot it, shoot it !!!"
The new guy were saying: "Are you carazy ? No way a tatu can climb a tree !!!"
And my friend fired a couple of round to the top of the tree..., shoutting: "I got it !!!"

They went to the tree and there it was: A tatu, lying dead, shot ! :D

Nobody told the new guy the real story, and till now, he swears on his mother's life, that he saw my friend shot a tatu from the tree... :D :D :D

That's one of the funnyests hunting stories I've heard !


Andre Tiba - Brazil

Quickdraw Limpsalot
October 20, 2004, 06:26 AM
My Dad has an uncle who's told him this story a few times and it's just too good not to put it in this thread, so...

Uncle goes deer hunting one fine November morning, slips into the woods before dawn and sits at the base of a large oak. Somewhere between pre-dawn and early morning he nods off and starts dreaming of trophy bucks and such. After some time, he wakes and lifts his eyelids enough to let some early morning sunshine in. He opens his eyes a bit more and realizes that in front of his face is another face, staring back at him! He lets out a manly "AAAHHH!" as he spasms with excitement and the young doe that was inches from his face follows suit, snorting and blowing snot on Uncle, bucking, and racing away from this odd critter at the base of her oak tree.

November 20, 2004, 01:33 AM
I took my wife hunting for the first time four years ago. I sat her on the ground by a fence where I knew she'd have a good shot at a buck. Because we didn't have an appropriate rifle for her and my friend wanted to sleep in, he let her use his 270. When she sat down and put it to her shoulder to see how it worked, she complained that the stock was too long. I'm big enough to have never had this problem so I told her that if she saw a big buck, to just look through the scope, put the crosshairs on him and shoot where I showed her. Many of you now know what happened next.

She saw that big buck just an hour after I left and did exactly as I told her. I had already gone to town to fetch the after-hunt doughnuts and Kolaches. On my way back to the ranch I saw my dad hauling ass to town and he flashed his lights at me. I figured he was just saying howdy so I took the doughnuts to the house and when I got there, there was blood everywhere, so I thought somebody got lucky.

Turned out that my wife was in the ER getting her eyebrow stitched back together after meeting Mr. Leopold close up, and I knew I was in a whole lot of trouble.

My wife is perhaps the best shot I have ever seen and that is saying a lot with 9 years in the Army- but she was only good with an AR. She's a teacher and so when she got back to school her eye was swollen and there were these awful stitches across her eyebrow- and her kids then thought she was highly cool.

We did find her buck and she did have nearly perfect shot placement, but since that time, she will not use a scope. Too bad for me because then I had to go buy her that AR that I wanted anyway- and we're still married.

November 20, 2004, 07:28 PM
Back in high skul days, we took a "city boy" buddy hunting with us for the first time. He easily bought into the answer that the flocks of blackbirds were "baby crows". While he was taking a leak, another "buddy" directed him to see if he could pee across a certain single strand of wire supported by short little posts with ceramic insulators ... ;)