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July 17, 2004, 12:53 PM
I am purchasing a Browning A-Bolt 300wsm. I have been told by some to Magna Port it and by others (wonder about creditability) to not have it done. The obvious reasons to have it done are less recoil and less lift, but someone tell be about the drawbacks. I already have hearing loss, will the gun be louder? How about shockwaves? Are they redirected?

New to this forum and this is my first major firearm purchase and I want it done right the first time. Can anyone point me in a direction to get a lefthanded thumbhole stock built for this also?


July 17, 2004, 03:33 PM
I don't know if the porting will help but it will be a lot noisier. I have shot a T/C contender super 14 with both ported and non-ported 444 Remington barrels and I could not tell the difference between the two. they both kicked like hell. I had a Marlin 45-70 guide gun which was ported and I can't believe the porting here helped either as it also kicked like hell

Peter M. Eick
July 17, 2004, 03:39 PM
I have a P9ultra (40s&w pistol) with a ported and unported barrel. I can change between them in about 30 seconds if I try. The direct comparison for a handgun, is that porting on a high pressure round like the 40s&w with hot loads makes a huge difference. It tends to smooth out the recoil from a sharp rap to a long push. It is louder, much louder but not that I care much. The big issue is the flame that gets blasted up in your sight picture from blue dot loads.

So, do I have all my guns ported? Nope, just the 2 40's because thats the way they came from the factory.

July 17, 2004, 08:50 PM
Millerman, you already have a good idea of the pro's/con's of porting.
The pro's are reduced recoil and muzzle flip.
The con's are increased muzzle blast/noise.
I have a Browning A-bolt in .300 WSM. The recoil, while stout, is not unmanageable. There are other means of recoil reduction such as a recoil pad or mercury tube type recoil reducer. I have replaced the recoil pad on my rifle with a softer Pachmayr pad as the factory pad is rather hard. I haven't fired it since so I can't say how much difference there is; but a similar pad calmed my 1903 Springfield .30-06 down nicely.
You might try shooting it first. You can always port it later if you want to.

July 17, 2004, 10:21 PM
How about a custom left handed thumbhole stock, any ideas on who can make something like this???? I would welcome more conversation on Magna Porting......

August 16, 2004, 09:43 AM
a few years back I had a .300 win mag with the boss type system and while hunting the last day of my hunt I shot a deer at about 10 paces. three days after, I still had my ears ringing and was very unpleasant.

while recoil was reduced drastically (almost like a .243win), the rifle was sold before I got home.

my grand father passed away being deaf and it was hard work living with him, I don´t want my kids to have the same trouble.

if you can´t manage recoil, step down in caliber and step up in presicion.


Arc Angel
August 19, 2004, 11:32 PM
:confused: Why get a Browning A-Bolt rifle Mag-na-ported instead of using Browning's (probably) superior BOSS system, anyway? :rolleyes:

Thumb what? :D

Double Naught Spy
August 20, 2004, 07:44 AM
Masterblaster, wear hearing protection. It is a simple system for not going deaf.

January 11, 2005, 04:50 AM
I recently got a Browining A-bolt in .300WSM and found it's recoil a bit more than I prefer. The recoil also caused significant muzzle "jump".
A quick trip to my local gunsmith "Bill", where he drilled six port holes in the top of the muzzle (three per side, offset @ 15 deg from C/L) and changed the factory recoil pad for a Decelerator, and my rifle now shoots very comfortably. The porting helped reduce muzzle "jump", while providing some recoil reduction. I fitted it with a Nikon Monarch 3 x 9 x 40MM. ( I love the clarity and light gathering charicteristics of the Nikon scope).
I am shooting 180g Nosler Balistic Tips, @ 3000 fps @ M.O.A.
With the few port holes in this style, muzzle noise was reduced proportinally better than most conventional "magana porting or BOSS systems" I practice with appropiate ear protection, but did not notice excessive blast when firing in the field.
P.S. I missed a nice 5 pt. bull, on the run.

January 11, 2005, 05:59 PM
If you like the idea of porting, go for it. It will reduce muzzle flip and will reduce some of the recoil. Get yourself some hearing protection though as it will make it much louder. When we shoot at CMP shoots, there is always someone who has a boss or ported rifle or pistol, believe me, they won't just hurt your ears. The blast to either side is fierce as well. If you have a hunting buddy like I do that sits in the stand with you, I wouldn't consider it unless you both use hearing protection. The new electronic muffs work well even when hunting or if you want to spend the money, the hearing aid type reducers work well. I would opt for a Simms Vibration Laboratory recoil pad as well. I have them on my guns now after 2 shoulder surgeries and they really help me.

January 18, 2005, 07:08 AM
Although I am not a big fan of Browning's "Boss" Muzzle brake, I would choose it over mag-na-port any day of the week.
A friend of mine worked in the gunsmithing department at Weatherby for several years and out of curiosity he started grouping rifles before and after they were sent out to mag-na-port.
He would take them down to the range, fire a group, then mark the target with the cal. & ser. no and set it aside with the box of ammo that was just used and the target.
He would then group the rifle upon it’s return, utilizing ammo from the same box.
In every case, the groups increased in size.
If I remember correctly, he told me he did this with a hundred or so rifles before he didn’t bother anymore.
His question about whether or not it affects accuracy had been answered adequately.
From my findings as well as several other people I know, muzzle brakes will enhance accuracy in most cases, and at the very least will not be a detriment to it.
They will increase the noise level though.

Hope this helps.