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4V50 Gary
July 2, 2004, 08:58 PM
I visit the Blue Grass State once a year to take classes at WKU, Bowling Green. This year I flew into Louisville and while going through the airport spied my favorite newspaper, The Snitch, and grabbed a copy on the way out.

The Snitch is a crime watch paper and reports crime around Louisville. For instance, "Dude buys hips clothes at J. Crew, leaves bag on chair in terrace area; clever crook steals bag and takes it back to the store and attempts to exchange items, store staff figures out crook, rescues clothes for forgetful dude." Another entry reads, "We've always figured the best place to snag purses full o'dough is yuppie stores in the East End, but thief decides to try a different plant, stealing woman's purse while she is shopping at a thrift store."

O.K. you're asking, what's the point? It's a great paper that is plain old fashion fun reading. But what really caught my eye was a photograph of a Walther P-22 Pistol with silencer. $599 for the whole shebang. Geez. I'd drop that load of cash right now but being in California, I can't be trusted with a gun unless it is approved by the DoJ for drop safety. Furthermore, I can't own a silencer (more properly suppressor) because it's just too evil. :mad:

Check out The Snitch and the gun ads the next time you're in Louisville.

July 4, 2004, 01:26 AM
Yep, the Blue Grass Armory ad. Good guys, only Class III in town