View Full Version : WTK SBS/SBR Easiest way go

June 30, 2004, 06:07 PM
I'd like a RKI to tell me, which would be the easiest way to go to obtain either a SBR or SBS. Should I :

A. Have a Class 2 manufacturer make what I want?


B. Obtain all the forms,get the CLEO signature, wait patiently and upon approval do the modifications myself?

Which would be a better way to go?

Thanks in advance


June 30, 2004, 07:32 PM
I think getting a Class 2 manufacturer to do the work is the best way to go. An established shop with an earned reputation will be able to give you the firearm you want. They have all the equipment and skill necessary for the job. So often something as seemingly simple as shortening a barrel turns out to be more involved than it would initially seem. Someone that makes a living doing the job will be aware of all the potential surprises that invariably accompany any gunsmithing task and able to attend to them appropriately. Even with great efforts toward planning by a thoughful person, expensive mistakes can be made while trying to do something yourself. With Title II arms those blunders are even more costly as the approved paperwork for a particular serial numbered arm leaves you stuck with that item to correct the errors in cutting, crowning, rebluing or whatever. The money spent for a professional's insight and work is almost always well worth it, particularly on a gun that will likely be with you for the long haul, as Title II guns usually are.