View Full Version : Registering Mac-10 clone as SBR

June 26, 2004, 11:02 PM
Recently got an opportunity to fire one of Masterpiece Arms M-10 .45 Semis. After a little research I would like a corroraborating opinion. As this type of weapon is a post ban it can only have 2 of the features right? OK, so if I register it as an SBR I can put a detachable stock but not a folding stock, correct? Really need a RKI to help me with this one. I'm saving up the $200 right now!



June 27, 2004, 09:59 AM
Yep. Until September, then you can put on whatever stock you want.

June 27, 2004, 08:28 PM
I have seen your username before. Thanks for the benefit of your knowledge.