View Full Version : Marlin Carbine.....I'm sooooo screwed. Please help.

June 26, 2004, 09:50 PM
Talk about embarrassing, I was out shooting my new-to-me Marlin M45 Carbine when I noted that the magazine disconnect was jamming outward and preventing magazines from being inserted.

I got through about 45 rounds of 230g FMJ and about 20 rounds of 230g GDHP +P when the problem occured. At first, the magazines were suspect, but then I tried a few of my proven Wilson mags and they wouldn't insert.

Well, stupid me, I disassembled the weapon to remove the mag disconnect and now I can't get the receiver back together. What do I do?

The sticking point is that dang long coil spring under the sear. It looks like the sear spring is supposed to lay flat along the bottom of the receiver, but I can't get all the pieces back together under that spring pressure.

Am I trying the wrong spring? How long is this spring supposed to be? There are several springs in there, but I can't remember which went where.

And, yes, my face is red.