View Full Version : Pics of applied TEFLON/MOLY OVEN CURE, GUN FINISH by Brownells? Anyone

June 22, 2004, 01:46 PM
Has anyone used TEFLON/MOLY OVEN CURE, GUN FINISH (http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=1145&title=TEFLON%2fMOLY+OVEN+CURE%2c+GUN+FINISH) ?

Can you post a picture or three of a refinshed firearm? I am considering this for an 870.



June 23, 2004, 01:10 AM
It's very expensive considering the can size.I tried on an 870 that gun now has armor tuff from Wilson on it.I tried a knife blade with a second can and it came out so-so.The air brush type sprayer would probably work alot better than the aersol can.It can take some time for the prep work.It was a aggravating experience for me.The paint started running even though I was going lightly.The fumes were awful and your wife or girlfriend will kill you after you start using the oven to cure for 3 hours,hahhaha ;)
To be honest with you I would look up some gun refinishers like Mac's guns and Mrarms(I used for Gun kote on my XD pistol)both have really good prices and turnaround time.The finish will come out perfect to boot.Save yourself the stress and I would recommend against doing it yourself without lotsa practice.

December 16, 2004, 08:03 PM
Used the Brownells Molykote on a 1911, if prepped and cleaned properly it is easy to apply and to date much more durable and rust resistant than bluing. Does have a tendency to run when sprayed, keep the can a good distance away and cover in 2 light coats about 5 minutes apart. Make sure nobody is home when you bake the finish, the smell is awful! Wish I could post a pic but can't, I like the finish very much

December 18, 2004, 11:02 AM
You are better off using the non spray version and apply it with an air brush. The spray cans tend to spatter. You can get an airbrush kit in the toy section of walmart for about $18. You can thin the mixture with "MEK" which can be found in the paint section of your local hardware store. Preparation is everthing, removing old finish(sandblasting) and making sure the gun is perfectly clean or the finish will come out jacked up. I use cheap thin rubber gloves so I don't get the oil from my skin on the bare metal. One other thing is touch up is pretty easy. Later on when the finish starts to wear you can clean the metal and respray a light coat and rebake. Sorry I don't have any pics but I have done 2 1911's, a makarov and a sprigfield xd. Mark

Lazy D
December 19, 2004, 01:23 PM
Here are a couble of the guns I refinished with the Gun Kote finish. The AR I did in the flat OD Moly. The pistol is the Flat Black Moly. I have used both the brownells aerosol can and the Gun Kote liquid (airbrush). The aerosol is very inconsistant in the type of spray it puts out. It is thicker and tends to splatter if there is even the slightest build up on the tip. You can download the application instructions for the Gun Kote from their website www.kgcoatings.com and if you ever have a question Joe is a good guy to talk to there. I will tell you this, the colors (other than black) are very temp sensitive. Good luck