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June 20, 2004, 08:22 AM
I Am New To This Forum, I Just Bought An Older Euroarms Kentuckian Rifle . I Have A Cva And A T/c. I Dont Know Much About This New Euroarms Rifle. I Need To Clean Ir Up A Bit And See That The Barrel Is Attached To The Stock With A Series Of Small Pins. These Pins Also Hold The Triggerguard And Nosecap In Place. Do I Simply Push These Pins Out With A Blunt Nail Or Something To Remove The Barrel? Any Information You Can Share About This Gun Would Be Appreciated. I Need A Source For A Replacement Ramrod Also, Thanks

4V50 Gary
June 20, 2004, 09:28 AM
Rifle barrels were generally secured with pins or keys (wedges). Additionally, if it isn't a hook breech (tang is separate and the barrel plug has a hook that secures the barrel to the hook breech), then the tang screw needs to be removed. On old guns the lock screw was drilled through the tang so it needs to be removed in order to take the barrel off.

After using a punch to drift the pins or keys out and removing any relevant screws, do not "lift" the barrel from the stock. On those long, skinny stocks you can crack it if it is a tight fit. Rather, flip the gun upside down and gently tap the heel of the buttplate against the ground (preferably a carpeted surface). This induces the barrel to "drop" from the stock and you catch it with your free hand.

Master Gunsmith Wallace Gusler (ret.), late of Colonial Williamsburg, showed me a historical rifle in which neither pins or keys were visible. One removed the pipes which allowed the hidden lugs to disengage from the pins and then the barrel was slid off. Rather clever of the gunmaker. More common are the hidden patch box release buttons. Some were disguised as part of the hinge. Others were disguised as screws.

January 30, 2005, 04:38 PM
Your rifle is a quality gun made in Italy by the same manufacturer that supplies Navy Arms and Dixie gun works it is not junk though it is an inexpensive gun it far better than the spanish booby traps Imported by traditions and CVA If your Kentuckian wich was probly sold by Dixie gun works is in good condition this should be good shooter