View Full Version : Sarge55 is a stand-up guy!

June 19, 2004, 07:44 AM
Bought a Desantis holster for a Kahr pistol from Sarge55 on this board. We did the usual correspondence dance, I transfered the funds and he assured me he'd get the holster right off.

I had to leave town for a week and when I arrived I noticed that the holster had not arrived. Checking my week-old emails, I had one from Sarge indicating that the week had gone by and that he had not gotten my holster in the mail, but that he'd get it right off and would refund me some of the price for my trouble.

I assured him that there was no need for the refund, as I understand that "stuff happens sometimes".

Holster arrived in perfect order, followed shortly by the promised refund.

Sarge, you didn't need to do that, but the fact that you did tells me volumes about your character. I'd buy from you again in a heartbeat! Thanks much.