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June 4, 2004, 07:13 AM
Hello, everyone. First off, an apology to the moderators if this post is deemed off-topic, since it's not about CAS. You wanna pull it, pull it--no hard feelings. I just thought that the black powder/CAS folder might be a good place to ask and see if there was anyone on the board who also does RevWar/War of 1812 reenacting. I'm a Civil War reenactor who's now looking to 'branch out', as it were, into the above two time periods. Thinking of doing a Long Knife/Kentucky militia impression for the Revolution period, maybe an Indiana Hunting Shirt for the early 1800's. I'd like to start out as authentically as possible, not do it like I did in Civil War--go to an event with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, zip off to Sutler Row with money burning a hole in my pocket, and then spend 3 or 4 years replacing a lot of second-rate kit as I learn more about how it's supposed to be done. So I was wondering, if there are any reenactors from the above time periods on the board, is there another board maybe, like this one, where RevWar/1812 folks go to 'talk shop'? Better yet, if any of you are from the Midwest, do you know a good unit to look into that's geographically reasonably close for a guy in S.Central Indiana? Thanks for any help offered.

4V50 Gary
June 19, 2004, 08:51 AM
Richard LaCrosse's "The Frontier Rifleman" (Pioneer Press in TN) is pretty good and so is the newly released "A Pilgrim's Journey" by Mark Baker (Scurlock Publications). The seven volume set "Book of Buckskinning" is also very good, but see if you can borrow those instead of buying them since the entire set will cost over $100.

Since you're in IN, suggest you attend the Memorial Day Rendezvous at the George Roger's Clark Monument in Vincennes, IN or the various rendezvous/reenactments at Fort Massiac (Fort Massac) in Illinios (right across the Ohio from Paducah, KY). Talk with those guys there. In Oct. there's a big shoot in Friendship, IN and you'll get some reenactors there too. Boonesboro (State Park) is also a good starting point and the fellow who protrays Boone is pretty up to snuff. He and his pretty wife are also suttlers at Boonesboro.

If you get a chance, Fort Miegs on the Maumee in Ohio is also a good starting point if you want to see War of 1812 stuff. I was there last year when The History Channel was filming.

Do a lot of reading before you do a lot of buying.

June 20, 2004, 03:06 AM
Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid I missed the event in Vincennes, which sucks because I'm only about an hour from there. But I was busy all weekend, doing battle with an enormous sycamore tree that didn't want me to leave our property. From what I hear, it didn't turn out too well over there anyhow. The storms that passed through that weekend (the same ones that trashed that monster sycamore) were of absolutely Biblical proportion and the whole weekend ended up a washout. Most of the counties in Indiana and Kentucky were under tornado watches/warnings for more hours than they weren't. Hard to get Redcoats out in a field that's ankle-deep in mud when they're the ones footing the bill for them pretty white britches instead of Good King George. Which is understandable. It NEVER quit raining all weekend, and I guess flintlocks can be a real pain in the a__ when it's like that. The other events you mention, though, sound really good. I'll have to check 'em out. And the suggested reading is indeed, like you say, a must. Thanks for the leads. I'll get looking. RevWar/1812 is definitely gonna be the next point in my reenacting 'career', and this time I plan to lead with my head instead of my wallet. Thanks again. Take care.